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my story

When I think back to my past, it feels like I am talking about a different person...smoking cigarettes, poor eating habits and food choices, unhappy at work and in relationships, regular doses of antibiotics, topped with a ton of stress and poor lifestyle choices. It was like I was going through life with my eyes closed hoping for the best. 

I still face my own challenges like we all do but I have learned how to listen to my body, understand it and find a balance that works for me. The moment I chose to take responsibility for my health and wellness...everything changed. I know that if I didn't take this responsibility and empower myself, my position today in terms of my overall health would not be going in the right direction!

When I discovered Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy, it played a major role in my fresh perspective and transformed my life for the better.

I became a mother in 2020 and feel so fortunate for the knowledge in health and nutrition that I have in order to be able to support my son as well as myself. We know the impact diet and lifestyle has on health and as a powerful preventative of health imbalances.

I have learned from incredible teachers and I want to share this knowledge with you so that you can create and see the growth for your family and/or for yourself.


I am a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, specialising in Clinical Paediatric Nutrition (Masters degree) and the Paediatric Microbiota. I studied Biomedicine at CNM in the UK and I then went on to study Naturopathic Nutrition at The School of Health-Advanced Nutritional Therapy (NVQ Level 6).  




My individual health challenges from a young age along with my experience as a mother has made me very passionate about supporting a movement towards a more conscious and healthier future. So much of that will depend on supporting the generations behind us as well as setting the example. 

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