What is Naturopathic Nutrition?

-It's an art, a science and a philosophy

-It is the practice of assessing the causes of disease and imbalances and providing therapeutic protocols to address root causes rather than just symptoms, and identifying ways to help prevent illness.

-The principles and philosophies result in a practice that acknowledges each person is an individual and empowers them to accept greater responsibility in their own health care.

Naturopathic Nutrition is the practice of nutrition within the context of Naturopathic Medicine.


It incorporates respect for the traditional naturopathic approach to nutritional therapy and recognition that:

+Individuals have a unique interaction with nutrients.
+Food selection, preparation and eating is a healing art.
+Whole foods are greater than the sum of their parts.

The practice of Naturopathic Nutrition may include appropriate recommendations and advice on:

+Individually assessed dietary therapy.
+Optimal food preparation.
+Traditional approaches to detoxification.
+Lifestyle recommendations to optimise dietary therapy.
+Full and clear information that empowers and encourages each individual to achieve optimal health and well-being.


Unravel the Story


create more balance



empower you with the tools


4. Therapist as teacher

Educating people in the art of self-care and the steps they need to take to achieve optimal health

5. Treat the whole person

Assessing not just the physical condition but also factors that influence health and well-being

6. Prevention

Encouraging the promotion of health and prevention of disease

3. Identify and treat the causes

Addressing the underlying cause of illness rather than just treating symptoms

The 6 principles of Naturopathic Nutrition: