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Why Nutritional Therapy supports female fertility

This is a big topic but I’m going to keep it simple and to the point.

Fertility can be affected by many factors and in most cases there are multiple contributing factors. Below is a list of some of these key factors. Just because any of these apply to you DOES NOT mean that you will have issues with fertility but they have been connected to problems with fertility so if you are experiencing fertility complications then it is important to be aware of them and understand how Nutritional Therapy can help address some of the contributing causes holistically.

-Ovulation issues e.g PCOS

-Structural issues

-Fibroids and blockages


-Thyroid imbalances

-Certain medications


-Autoimmune disorders

-Hormonal imbalances

-Blood sugar imbalances

-Lack of nutrients

-Weight imbalances

-Stress and emotional blockages

-Gut and microbiome imbalances

-Toxin exposure

When you start Nutritional Therapy I delve into your case history in great depth to help identify the key drivers that are likely to be contributing to fertility issues.

I will request we carry out any appropriate laboratory testing that can help identify in greater depth specific hormonal issues or thyroid imbalances for example.

I will also look at:



+cellular health

+mental state and emotions

+genetic predispositions


+medical history

+personal history

+adrenal status 

+how and when you eat

+circadian rhythm 

+many signs and symptoms that your body may be communicating

+any medications that you take or took

+dental history



+energy levels

+detoxification and elimination 

+female health


+tongue, face and nail analysis

+lifestyle and preferences 

+what's important to you, how you feel and what you want to get out of Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy

Using personalised diet, supplement and lifestyle support it helps address key problematic areas that are likely causative factors leading to issues with fertility.

I am a registered Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and specialist in Clinical Paediatric Nutrition. If you are interested in starting Nutritional Therapy for yourself, your family or your child then please contact me for more information/FREE discovery call or you can check out my services on my website.

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