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The just one bite rule

So many of us have been there. You have spent time, energy and money on creating this meal for your child and they’re turning their nose up at it or maybe they are refusing to eat those vegetables that you want them to eat because you know it’s important for them. It’s normal to feel frustrated and concerned. Especially if you are met with this issue on a regular basis.

We all want our kids to develop a healthy relationship with food.

Many of us have tried the ‘one bite’ rule in an effort to get our kids to eat something they don’t want to or how about the classic ‘if you eat this then you can have this…’

If the One Bite Rule works well in your house, by all means keep it. For some children, it encourages them t

o branch out, discover new flavours and new favourites, and keep their minds open.

However, for some kids it can become clear that it is not working for both you and them.

May I propose a new approach to try if this is the case.

It is still important to encourage kids to try new foods and by eating a wide variety of foods yourself in front of them and setting the example this will really help. However, instead of saying ‘you have to take a bite’, you can say -‘why don’t you try a bite?’.

Initially, you may be met with the same response however over time it can often make a big difference not only to their approach to trying new things but it also helps change the ambiance at dinnertime which in turn will create a healthier environment where they are likely to be more open-minded.

If you are finding it difficult to get your child to try new foods and you are concerned about what they are or are not eating then please contact me for a FREE discovery call.

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