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Nutrition and anxiety

Our modern lifestyle exposes us to less rest, more noise, more information, a greater influx of toxins and many 'new' threats to survival than before. Anxiety take many forms and it's key triggers will be different depending on the individual.

I have suffered tremendously with anxiety and crippling panic attacks and it is something that still shows it's face from time to time but I know first hand how much nutrition has helped to support me. Poor nutrition over time creates an instability in the body that allows anxiety to manifest much easier. It may not be the main cause or the main solution however it sure plays an important role.

When are bodies are lacking in certain nutrients, overloaded with stimulants, when the detoxification pathways are compromised, when we are continually exposed to unhealthy foods or an unbalanced diet, when our exposure to toxins is beyond the ability of our body to manage we are faced with a body that is less able to cope with stressors in whatever form including anxiety.

It becomes a vicious cycle because anxiety itself also impacts the functioning of our body-for example our interconnected digestive, immune, nervous, endocrine systems over time can become more compromised. This is why a holistic approach is so important. All aspects of the body need to be addressed-not just the mind.

There is currently a lot of exciting research around the gut-brain axis. Gut bacteria are key players in your mood and mental health. Evidence suggests that the intestinal microbiota is associated with the neuro-endocrine-immune pathways and can be associated with various mental health problems. Healthy gut function has been linked to normal central nervous system (CNS) function. Hormones, neurotransmitters and immunological factors released from the gut are known to send signals to the brain either directly or via autonomic neurons. This is why it is particularly important to support digestion and gut health with Nutritional Therapy.

I am a registered Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and specialist in Clinical Paediatric Nutrition. If you are interested in starting Nutritional Therapy for yourself, your family or your child then please contact me for more information/FREE discovery call or you can check out my services on my website.

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