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There's no questioning the important role that nutrition plays when it comes to our health and that of our loved ones. Even with the best will in the world, in reality a healthy diet can be challenging to implement and maintain when life gets in the way and even more so when there is not just yourself to consider.
This is why we have designed this personalised programme for any household that has the intention of living a healthier life but struggles to be able to implement it for whatever reasons- be it financial limitations, differing dietary requirements, busy schedules...we are here to give you expert and realistic solutions to overcome the challenges you face and to help you work towards and maintain a healthier, happier home. 

Do you want to...
-Improve the overall health and well-being of everyone in your home?
-Learn the most important and realistic adaptions that you can make in the home to your routine and diet from experts in nutrition and wellness?  
-Save time when it comes to food preparation and planning?
-Take control financially of your food expenditure?
-Overcome challenges you face as a household holding you back from a healthier lifestyle and a more nourishing diet?

We work with you to help you make realistic, effective and personalised adaptions to your routine, diet and lifestyle as a group so that you can work towards your goals.

How does it work?

Before our first meeting you will be sent various documents to fill in:
-We ask that every participant fills out a diet diary or that someone else fills it out on their behalf if that’s not possible. This should cover at least 3-7 days.
-We will also need you to fill out an in depth questionnaire to gather information that will help us carry out a comprehensive analysis of each family member's case. It will include questions around food preferences and dislikes, health conditions, medications, allergies, intolerances, medical history and we want to get an idea of why you are participating in the transformational process and to learn a bit about your expectations before we meet.

1st CONSULTATION with Harriet Victoria, lead by Jacqueline Elizabeth:
Online, 1 hour:

We all know that deciding to make lifestyle and diet changes is one thing, but truly sticking to these habits when life inevitably throws curve balls at you can be a challenge. With many of us finding ourselves back at square one, less than a year later.
That's why as part of this bespoke programme we will focus and get clear on what your goals are as a group when it comes to your health and nutrition. By working with a trained mindset and wellness coach we will ensure you are fully equipped with the tools and a deeper understanding of how to stick to your goals as a family, to introduce positive lifestyle changes that stick and most importantly feel good for every one in the home. 

2nd CONSULTATION with Harriet Victoria:
Online, at your home in Mallorca or at my clinic in Palma de Mallorca, 2 hours:

We will discuss the diet diaries individually and go through any questions I may have from the questionnaires. 
We will discuss all your routines, how you shop, plan and prepare meals as well as your food budget and what challenges you face individually and as a home when it comes to these factors. 
We understand, especially if you have young children that not all family members can attend the full session however the more who can attend the better as the more involved everyone is as a unit throughout the process, the better the results and co-operation long term.

3rd CONSULTATION with Harriet Victoria:
Online or at my clinic in Palma de Mallorca, 1-1.5 hours:

Following our previous meeting I will create a personalised and detailed guide covering:
+WHAT smart (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) adaptions and changes you can make that will create the biggest difference when it comes to meeting your goals. These will be decided between us however I will be supporting and guiding you based on my knowledge and experience. These are personalised recommendations based on all the information I have gathered.
+WHO will play a part in each part of the process. It is important to agree and decide on the role that each member will take on when starting the transformation.
+HOW the adaptions and changes can be implemented to suit your and other's needs.
+WHEN We need to agree on achievable timelines so that you can gradually work towards your goals.

FOLLOW UP SUPPORT with Harriet Victoria and Jacqueline Elizabeth:
Online -30 minutes +

The purpose of the follow up sessions are so that we can continue to provide you ongoing support and guidance to help you overcome challenges as they arise and to help you work towards ongoing improvements.
It is up to you how often you do this and it depends on how much support you feel you need. Before any follow up session we will ask you to fill out an update form and ideally a few days diet diary for each participant so that we can see how you are getting on. 

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Home group transformation package:

includes 1st, 2nd and 3rd consultations 

350 euros 

Follow up support:

30 minutes- 35 euros 

Price/15 minutes extra- 20 euros 


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