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Wednesday Wants From John Lewis

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Wednesday Wants From John Lewis

This weekend I went home to Ipswich to spend a bit of quality time with my big sis and her sausage dog. Oh and my brother in law. Soz babes. Obvs the Ipswich way of life is way more relaxed than life in the big smoke so it was just swell to be able to chillax and soak up some rays and think about how joyous it was to not have to be battling down Oxford Street or dying of heat exhaustion on the tube. Why did I move to London again? 

We lazed about before heading to Woodbridge to meander down the old streets of vintage shops and having tea and scones at one of the independent coffee shops because DUH, we're British and that's what we do best. Oh if you live in the East Anglia region, please hurry your tooshys along to Woodbridge and bask in its beautiful-ness. Srsly, I hadn't been in years and I felt like welling up at how lovely it is. Parked right on the River Deben, you have the option to walk along the water to get some amazing views of the British countryside or you can head to the little town and wonder in and out of the boutiques. Or you could YOLO it and do both, whatever floats your boat.

On our way home we nipped into John Lewis to have a bit of a gander around for no reason in particular. Obvs, I fell in love with 98.642% of things in there because it's John Lewis and JL is always lush. I kept a mental note of some of these bits to put in a wishlist for you guys because we all love a wishlist, right?

Though they do make me want to rip my hair out a little when I realise I am torturing myself with the temptation at buying all these goodies, but y'know, we can't have it all.


1) Decorative Gold Pineapple, Small - £25

This is a perfect pineapple-y trinket pot to put all those little nic-nacs that clutter up your dressing table. When I saw this we actually wooped in joy at how cute it was. So yeah. Winner in the Atkinson girls eyes. 

2) Knock Knock It’s Gonna be Okay Notebook - £6.95

The Knock Knock range is my current stationary go-to at the moment. It has journals and pads for us list-crazy lot to jot our thoughts and feelings onto. They make everything from food diaries to 'tasks I need to complete this week' diaries. This one was my favourite out of the lot, a smaller sized 'it's gonna be okay' notebook full of inspirational and positive messages. Sometimes we just need a little booster so opening this up each day to a new page of positivity is a win. 

3) Triangles Throw, Citrine - £30

Yup, cute. Love. I'm digging that super summer yellow at the moment. It's the kind of colour that provides sunshine and happiness and all things glorious. 

4) Lily-Flame Daisy Dip Candle Jar - £12

THIS SMELLS DIVINE. If you need a new summer candle, please consider this one. It's really fresh and floral and sweet and you basically will want to eat it. (Please don't) 

5) Royal Doulton 1815 Pasta Plates, Set of 4 - £30

As soon as I saw these towering above the other crockery sets I fell a bit in love. The pastel shades of each plate really would add a pop of colour into every kitchen. And everyone loves a pastel right.

6) Urban Aptthecary Chai Masala Tea Cup Scented Candle - £35

This is like Christmas in a cup. Literally, in a cup. I am fully aware that it is now August and we have barely even started our summer let alone consider having anything Christmas-sy in our homes, but this should be the exception. It is a little on the pricey side, but for a candle that smells that good - totes worth it. 

7) Osco 3 Drawer Acrylic Storage Chest, Small - £9

I really want one of these bad boys to organise my life a little more. And by life, I mean makeup. My makeup stash is well, that - a stash of products all jumbled together. Something like this could separate the lippys/eyeshadows/concealer sticks perfectly. They also do a few shapes and sizes so it's worth checking them out. Thumbs up. 

8) David Hunt Caimen Table Lamp, Copper - £220

Okay so this is on my wishlist because I could only wish to own this. It is pricey, I know. Ain't no one my age and living in London buying this kind of luxurious homeware. One day, perhaps. Once the dogs and kids have come along. But yeah, I like it, so it made the cut. 

9) Orla Kiely Linear Stem Cushion, Sunflower - £40

I'm a huge fan of the Orla Kiely range. It's simple and vibrant and can turn any dull couch look like Elmer the elephant sicked up on it. And they do it in my favourite sunshine yellow. I love the 70's vibe the range brings, really bold colours and simple shapes. Why over-complicate things when you can have Orla Kiely?

10) Pols Pottern Porcelain Bowl, Yellow - £7

After writing this post I realise I have a mixture of tastes. I fear my future home is going to be a modern/Indo/vintage hybrid, but does that really matter? I guess not. This bowl (and it's family) are again perfect additions to any kitchen. I'd happily eat my coco-pops out of that.