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Schwarzkopf Professional Fleek Kit

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Well HEY guys!

Guess who’s back, back again!

After a lovely little break and a LOT of family gatherings I feel refreshed and re-vitalised and all things positive. Though I have missed my daily dose of writing blog posts and trying to creatively place objects to make them somewhat Instagram-worthy. I think this break has done me some good though. I was getting into the mindset where I was feeling the pressure to publish posts on time and that was beginning to stress me out - that’s not why I started a blog. I started a blog to enjoy it and get my thoughts and feelings out, to rant and rave about things I love and hate. Sometimes life gets in the way and you know what, that’s a good thing because it means I’m not stuck at my laptop 24/7, I am able to have free time too. I HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE GUYS. Go me!

So last weekend was my big sister’s wedding. It was amazing, perfect, beautiful. It was EVERYTHING stunning. We all know that a wedding requires pampering, preening and beautifying, it’s a rite of passage. I spent the week before scrubbing, exfoliating and fake tanning to make sure I had the perfect glow to stop me from looking washed out in my pale mint bridesmaids dress. I had my hair cut for the first time in months ready for the big day so no straggly split ends were in sight. And I was glad I did because I felt happy and confident in my own skin.

A couple of weeks before the wedding, Schwarzkopf Professional very kindly sent me some of their new products in their Fleek range and I thought this was a perfect opportunity to try them out. I want to look after these freshly mown locks rather than just destroy my ends by singeing them with my hair wand like I usually do. I have been using them all for two weeks now so I can give you a darn accurate review of how I have found using them and how my hairs looking since.

Schwarzkopf Professional Fleek

As we all know, festival season is upon us which means our hair suffers through lack of cleanliness and care. Not only that, but in general our unpredictable summer weather wreaks havoc on our hair. One minute we will be getting fried like eggs and the next there are torrential downpours and the next thing you know you have a birds nest full of frizz on top of your head. That or we get a pint of Pimms thrown at us as the main headline act is performing. Whatever it is, we need to ensure our locks are cared for as much as possible, and what better way to do that than using Schwarzkopfs Professional's new kit.

This range is aimed at festival go-ers and general summertime sun protection and I agree – these are pretty darn effective at transforming your hair from Afroman to Ri-Ri. The only thing I feel it is missing is dry shampoo – an absolute ESSENTIAL when heading to a festival. But other than that, the products were pretty on point.

OSIS Session Label Salt Spray

Schwarzkopf Professional Fleek

I have used plenty of sea salt sprays over the years as I love the beachy tousled hair look and this stuff works perfectly for that. In comparison to others it isn’t greasy or crunchy and doesn’t leave you with tacky hands after use. It has an insta-dry formula so you don’t have to wait an age for it to dry, great if your on the go. 

BC Oil Miracle Oil Mists

Schwarzkopf Professional Fleek

Okay so when I first spritzed this onto my hair I actually wanted to just spray it all over my body too. It smells AMAZING. Exactly like the classic Escada scent, summery and fruity and delicious. This mist adds a real shine to your hair though just be careful not to use too much. I made that mistake and had to wash my hair again that same day because it was awash with grease. A few sprays on the end will do the trick.

BC Colour Freeze CC Cream

Schwarzkopf Professional Fleek

So the Colour Freeze range is aimed at maintaining coloured hair – perfect if you’ve given your tresses a sassy colour makeover for that festival you’re off to.  You pop this little bad boy on whilst your hair is still damp and VOILA your ends feel really thick and luxurious. I obviously just have light blonde ends so I can’t comment on how well it maintains colour, but yep, love it in terms of how dreamy my ends feel!

BC Repair Sealed Ends

Schwarzkopf Professional Fleek

This product was my favourite. It is very similar to the CC cream above, however is just aimed at dry and damaged ends – exactly what I had. Again, you apply this to damp hair before leaving to dry/blowdrying and the difference it makes is increds. It has amazing reviews and I back them completely. I will 100% be re-purchasing this – you can say goodbye to split ends forever. SEE YA.

BC Spray Conditioner

Schwarzkopf Professional Fleek

I wasn’t in the habit of using a spray conditioner until this arrived in the post. However now I have started I can’t stop. Once I have washed my hair I spray some of this on before brushing and it is amazing. You don’t have to yank those knots out, your brush will just glide through your hair effortlessly – which in turn will reduce any damage you are doing by brushing.

I just love Schwarzkopf Professional products. Srsly. They are so affordable but you get salon style results every time. I am not on a snazzy wage and I can't afford to be buying expensive products to maintain my hair the way it deserves. So I shall be enjoying my summer with split end free, bouncy luxurious tresses. 

Another winning kit from SP - very well done guys!