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10 Things to do on a Quiet Weekend In

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So in an attempt to not spend money, I’ve been having to limit my social life to all things cheap/free. I’ve been plodding around my flat at the weekends, procrastination at an all time high. But you know what? I have actually enjoyed it and knowing my current account is going to love me a little more for not draining the life and soul out of it is even better. 

10 Things to do on a Quiet Weekend In

So if you’re like me, and need to save up some pretty pennies for whatever it is you need it for (for me, it’s paying rent *sobs*) then check this little list I have devised to keep you super busy without spending a dime.

1) Sort your room out. I don’t just mean the odd moving stuff from place to place. I mean get to the nitty gritty messiest part of your room and sort it out. For me, I had piles of unopened post, photos and bank statements strewn around. I got myself a file and I organised it all. It may sound mundane, but believe me you feel a hella productive when it’s done.

2) Make a list of things you’ve been meaning to do. Ring the doctors and make that appointment. Sort out your holiday insurance. Return those ASOS dressed that didn’t fit. Again, you will thank yourself when it’s all done. There is nothing more satisfying than crossing off a to-do list. 

3) Pamper yourself. If we can’t go out and spend money, we may as well look after ourselves with all of our snazziest products. I get all of my Birchbox samples out and plaster my body with lotions and potions and you end up feeling like a prize winner that smells of all things delicious. If you haven’t signed up to Birchbox, then do - srsly, you get to try samples of products that you wouldn’t ordinarily know about and you find some absolute crackers. 

4) Wash your bedsheets. Nothing beats the feeling of nestling down in a freshly made bed.

5) Get engrossed in a series on Netflix. Or catch up on those programmes you’ve been meaning to watch but life got too full of work and cheap social events. Sign up to Netflix here. I recommend Pretty Little Liars and Once Upon a Time. Both are shamazing.

6) Try out a new recipe, get your pals over and cook for them. It’s such a great feeling when you cook a winning dish that satisfies everyone. My boyfriend and I have started a ‘Chef Wars’. On our quiet weekends in we cook for each other and rate them out of 10. Everyone loves a little competition, right?

7) Go to the park. Pack up your kindle, some snacks and a blanket and head over to your local park. Kick back and relax in the sun. Not only are you getting out, your getting your daily dose of vitamin D and happiness.

8) Spring clean your life. Get your marigolds out and scrub your surroundings until they are sparkly clean and new again. Take pride in your surroundings, it’ll make you smiley I promise.

9) Eat some fruit. It is so easy on a lazy weekend to eat everything carbs and slob around in your jimjams. Try getting some nice fresh fruit from your local market and having a delicious fruit cocktail or smoothie. It’ll make you feel ready to tackle your busy productive day ahead.  

10) Create some Instagram worthy pics to bank. If you are bored and needing inspiration - head over to Pinterest for some insta-worthy pics and try to recreate your own version. It’ll get your creative cap on and keep your mind super busy. OH and if you're not already following me, please do here :)