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June Homeware Haul

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Have I mentioned before how flippin’ obsessed I am with homeware? Well, I am. Completely head over heels in love with it. Baring in mind I don’t have a home of my own to fill, my little room in my little flat gets pretty cramped. Do I care? Not particularly. I like being surrounded with my belongings in the hope they will be nicely placed in a house of my own one day. So for now I will keep bagging bargains and becoming a class A hoarder just because I can. YOLO. 

So just recently I have made a few little sexual purchases that have made me VERY happs, all super affordable and easy on the eye (if I may say so myself) and have made my room look a *little* like a bloggers room should be. Pretty much full of rose gold. Hello stereotypical me. I am going to share these with you lovely people, because why the heck would I not?! Just soz in advance if it tempts you to go buying stuff you don't need. We all do it, don't feel bad. 


Home sense

Srsly guys, if you want to get anything shabby chic and beautiful with a lower than average price point, head to Home Sense. When I walked in the angels sang their sweet tune when I clocked how darn CHEAP everything was. I went to the Brighton branch when I was down that neck of the woods for my sister’s hen do but there are branches all over the UK for you to visit. Home Sense is part of the TK Maxx family, so you will find really good discounted branded products in there. Go check it out and let me know what bargains you pick up. I bought this rose gold lamp for just £35 and I absolutely love it! 

Home Sense Rose Gold Lamp

H&M Home

Now if you’ve been following my blog, you will know how much I adore H&M’s homeware range. It is so on point with my personal taste and has copper trinket trays and candle holders everywhere you look. This weekend I decided I needed to organise my makeup stash up (new post to follow, obvs) so I just had to get a new basket (£7.99) to sort my beauty bits, hair products and fake tan. While I was there I picked up these cute candle holders (£4.99) and decided my decaying shower curtain needed to be updated, so I picked a flowery patterned one (£14.99) to girlie-fy my bathroom. I can't find all the links on the website, sorryyyy but they still have them (or similar alternatives) in store.

Gold Wire Basket H&M
Shower Curtain H&M
Candle Holders H&M


I have always been impressed with Primark’s home selection. It is SO affordable and although you don’t get egyption cotton style quality, it's great for what you pay. I got this baby candle (£1.50), battery LED fairy lights (£3) and elephant bedding set (£11) for an absolute STEAL and they do really make all the difference to my lovely hovel. I was worried the bedding was going to be super scratchy, but I snuggle down in them every night like they are made from clouds. No jokes. 

Candle Primark
Bedding Primark
Fairy Lights Primark