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Struggling With Writer's Block

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Struggling With Writer's Block

Hello kiddos,

So, firstly, please accept my sincere apols for not posting on Friday. I could lie and say that my social life has been banging and that I've been too busy having a great time getting through a busy schedule but in reality, I've been suffering with that thing us bloggers dread – writers block. Believe me, I have tried. I've sat down multiple times, opened up my sparkly new Macbook but no words have formed, not one witty imaginative idea flowed from my brain. That's where my expert procrastination skills kick in and I find myself getting distracted by YouTube or self tanning. So, I have a marvellous golden glow but no blog posts. You win some you loose some ey.

I have been doing the research, y'know, combing through other peoples' 'blog post ideas' posts, but I didn't feel passionate about any of them. Plus I don't just want to post something I haven't poured my heart and soul into because it won't be well written and as a bit of a perfectionist, that just won't wash with me. I am heading into my fourth month of blogging now and I am certainly still learning the ropes. I need to realise that the world won't end and my blog won't turn into the Sahara Desert if I don't post for a few days. I mean, I do realise this now when I think about it in a rational way, but I can be irrational a lot of the time (hello bad trait) and let this take over my complicated mind.

I've also become overly obsessed with Once Upon a Time and YouTube so yeah, there is that which probs hasn't helped things. On a side note – LOVING OUAT, I've made my way through all 4 series in a matter of two weeks and I don't even care that that's sad. I've also got really into Meghan Rienks channel on YouTube and I am a little bit (a lot) in love with her. So, head on over and check her out because LOVES.

So yeah, I am going to try and be better, I do have a few funky fresh ideas of posts to do but just need to pull the old finger out and get on with them. Plus I have some pretty exciting things planned this month so i'll be sure to fill you lovely people in on the happenings.

Anyways, I will stop wittering on now and wish you all a happy Monday, 'cos we all love Mondays don't we!  Maybe I'll even write my next post?!! ;)

Oodles & Oodles x