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10 Great Date Ideas

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Oh the world of dating. That huge unknown world that is terrifying, great, magical and just EVERYTHING scary. There is something pretty darn exciting about meeting a person for the first time, getting to know them and figuring out whether you are compatible, if they are 'the one'. The egg to your cup, the shampoo to your conditioner, the - yeh okay you get the jist. So dating comes naturally to some lucky souls, they know what to say and how to charm without being too sickly sweet, how to shape the conversation to be something sparkly and interesting. Others find dating a little trickier, which is OKAY and you are certainly not alone. It's one hella' nerve-racking experience. But if you can feel comfortable on your date and confident in what you are doing then it makes things a whole lot easier, trust me.

If you are stuck for a little dating inspiration, see the little list I have devised for you below. All would make for perfect dates, just pick one you know you will feel comfortable doing and GOOD LUCK!!

10 Great Date Ideas

1)      Take a Class

One great way to get to know your date in a fun and relaxed environment is to take a class together. Whether it be cocktail classes, pizza/sushi making or learning to DJ – you could even take a dance class together (lolz) but doing something completely new for both of you will deffo make a date to remember!

2)    Go Bowling

I know bowling is seen as a bit of a cop out, but srsly, bowling for a date is fun! Throw in a couple of cocktails too and you'll have a bloody marvellous time. The good thing about bowling is that it also doesn’t last too long, so you have the option to carry the date on to a bar or call it a day if you’re not feeling it. It’s always nice to have an escape route as you do sometimes need it. Not all dates look like Bradley Cooper and have a sexy allure and sass.

3)      Have a Touristy Day

This doesn’t just have to apply to you London folk, but it helps if you live near a city. Pick some landmarks that neither of you have ventured to before - go and explore them. Sharing a new experience on a date will make a great topic of conversation and great memories to tell the grand-kids one day.

4)      Picnic in the Park

A warm sunny day is is perfect for heading to a park with a picnic and Prosecco in hand. It’s a casual, relaxed and fun way to spend your date day. Who says you need to spend big bucks to impress? 

5) Water Sports

One great way to spend your date is by doing an exciting outdoor activity.  Now, if you’re someone who doesn’t particularly like being outdoors or is concerned about getting your hair wet, then maybe steer clear of this one. But there are plenty of on the water activities for you to try. If you are in London, you have the Rib Experience or kayaking down the River Thames or if you venture a little further afield you could try surfing or wake-boarding. Go on, go wild and give something new a go!

6)    Rowing

Now London especially has some pretty great parks that provide a variety of activities to do, one being big old ponds that you can rent rowing boats on. It’s romantic and a great arm workout. Goodbye, bingo wings.

7)     Cook a Meal Together

If you love to cook to impress then this is the date for you. Teach your date some culinary tricks and tips and get some wine on the go. It’s always a bonus if the man can cook. IMO that is one sexy quality in a man. Settle down for the evening and indulge in what goodies you’ve rustled up.

8)      Board Games Night

This one is great if it’s rainy and cold – invite your date over, light some candles and cosy up with some wine and a few board games! Nothing says romance like a good old game of Scrabble!

9)      Set Up a Den in the Garden

On a warm summers evening, why not transform your garden into a little love den? Put down some blankets and pillows and throw some fairy lights around. Maybe make a little picnic to have and some bubbly to share. Perfect!

10)   Head to the Zoo

A trip to the zoo is always an easy and entertaining date – conversation will never be dull and you are guaranteed to find some kind of creature that will make you both giggle.