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Blow Off Some Steam at Blo Blow Dry Bar - Covent Garden

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Are you a girl that loves a bit of pampering? Loves to spend a little cash to doll yourself up as a special treat? Head down to Blo Blow Dry Bar in Covent Garden for a session tailor made for you! 

Now I must admit, I don’t go and get myself pampered that often. I never have been that type of gal to go and get my nails done or to get a cheeky spray tan, but you know what, I should do and so should you. We spend so much time of our lives working and stressing about things we shouldn’t that it’s easy to forget that we need a little bitta lovin’ every now and again.

So last Tuesday I was invited down to the new Blo Blow Dry Bar to have a bit of a pamper session and a poke around. The Blo Bar is nestled snugly on the lower deck of the Covent Garden Piazza. As you walk in you’re greeted with friendly faces, fresh white washed brick arches and pretty much every hair product under the sun. A lovely lass called Jas was my stylist for the day so after I was settled down we went through the ‘Blo Menu’ and I could decide what I wanted. 

Blo Blow Dry Bar.jpg

After much deliberation I settled on the ‘Wash, Go & Blo’ treatment with a ‘Fall in Love’ braid from the Braid Menu and was ushered to the sinks for stage one of my hair-over. Jas lathered my hair in a glorious shampoo and conditioner and after a pretty relaxing head rub it was time for my Blo.

My hair was dried and styled with GHD products, which from experience are amazing. My GHD straighteners have lasted me a good 7 years, and that is using them pretty much every day. Snaps for you GHD, snaps for you! Once my hair was dry Jas got to work on curling and then braiding my hair. Ta daaaaaa!

This salon uses products from a company called Unite. I wanted to talk about this brand because I am completely sold on it. As well as smelling like sheer perfection, this brand commends themselves on being organic, environmentally friendly, and that they do not test on animals whatsoever. They hold a PETA certificate which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. So yeah, pretty darn impressive Unite – well done! Depending on your hair type, you may wish to use a few different products which can often leave you with pretty confused greasy locks. Not with Unite. You can layer and mix and match until your hearts content without any kind of grease. Nice. Buy the products here.

The other great thing about this salon is the location. I could totally see myself getting my sassy gear on before heading over to central London with some pals, getting our makeup done at one of the local beauty stations and then heading to Blo Bar to get our hair transformed before hitting a few pubs, clubs and bars and getting merry. No dishevelled tube hair or sweaty strands, lovely!  

I would totally recommend this salon to anyone. I was really well looked after and the girls are so easy to chat to and it was overall just a really great experience. It’s a shame I couldn’t take Jas with me to be my personal hair stylist, but y’know, I can always go back.

*Disclaimer: I was invited to the salon and got to trail this experience for free, but rest assured that all opinions and views are my own. 


Blo Blow Dry Bar: 34, The Piazza, The Market, London WC2E 8RE