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Turning 25 and a Little Exciting Update

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So last Saturday I celebrated my 25th birthday...

Srsly, what the hell? How did I get to be 25 already?! 

Life is funny ain't it – it flies by so quickly that you don't even realise where the time has gone. I thought by this age I would be married with babies, a house and dogs and all things adult-y. But yeah, that hasn't happened and I wouldn't want it to. Not just yet anyway.

It was a pretty lovely birthday actually, Jack and myself met at Liverpool street station and grabbed ourselves some ridiculously overpriced beers and hopped on a train to Suffolk where my parents have rented out a cottage ready for my sisters wedding next Saturday. This was the first birthday I have been able to spend with family for around 7 years so that was pretty special. We ate delicious food and drank delicious wine and soaked up the delicious rays of sun.

Harriet Victoria Birthday
Harriet Victoria Birthday
Harriet Victoria Birthday
Harriet Victoria Birthday
Harriet Victoria Birthday

When I was younger I thought 25 was super old, it was an age where you are a proper adult. I mean, I am a proper adult - I have my own place, pay my own bills and buy my own food but as far as feeling like an adult? I guess that hasn't hit yet. Growing up you spend so much time under the influence of education whether it be school, college or university that your path is always mapped out for you. You always know the direction you are headed – which classes you are taking and what subjects you are going to study. Once you graduate and are free from that education shelter you are in charge of your own destiny.

I guess it has taken me a while to adjust to this new found freedom, and it often means you get lost in where you are headed. I don't know if I'm lost or floating, but whatever it is, I'm happy and that is the main thing. I believe that your first 25 years are spent trying to figure out who you are and what you want to do with your life, so that's what I have been doing. Learning about myself. And my Timehop feed is a healthy reminder of that, thanks guys. Now it's time to start the nitty gritty adult stuff like saving for mortgages and finding a skincare regime that will stop my body sagging at any given opportunity. YEY. I probably should stop drinking so much wine too.. LOL who am I kidding?

So here's to the next 25 years! I will live in hope that I will be on the property ladder by then and be surrounded by a healthy and happy family, with a few little pennies in the bank gaining some form of interest. 

Back to some other exciting news - my big sister is getting hitched this Saturday! I am heading back to Suffolk this this evening to join in with wedding shenanigans and to help with the prep and I am SO EXCITED. It'll be an amazing day to remember and I will of course be giving you guys sneaky updates via social media. However I am going to give myself the week off blogging-wise (selfish I know) as I want to dedicate 1000000% of this time with my family as that shit don't happen often!

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