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I think it is no secret that I love a good shopping spree, doesn't any girl? But yeah, due to flagging funds and my rent being due next week I had to be good and restrict any spending to an absolute minimum. Please just admire my willpower for a sec - it took a lot. Even though I was on a budget I still took myself and some buddies to Joy's new store opening in West Hampstead. Now, if you haven't been to Joy then your committing a major crime because it's glorious. It's prints and bold colours and beautifully manufactured clothes and accessories are enough to make any fashionista drool. 

The fact that this shop has just opened in West Hampstead is an added bonus because Whamps is EVERYTHING. I love it. It's full of adorable cafés and amazing restaurants, with the odd organic grocery store thrown in for good measure. There is a lovely little market by the Thameslink station which houses some gorgeous home made food and crafts. You can get to West Hampstead on the Thamelink, Jubilee line and the Overground - so no excuses not to come and visit.

Anyway, Joy. This Saturday was the shops official opening, and we were greeted with pink Prosecco and friendly smiles, what every customer wants right? The summer clothing line is beautiful, full of such lovely bright colours and a range of garments for every shape and size. The also have a selection of pretty quirky random gifts and books. Head over to their website for a better idea of what I'm talking about. I would have bought the whole shop if I could, srsly.

Here are a few bits that I saw that made me have to wipe the trickle of drool running down my face: 

Joy Wishlist

Joy, 186-188 West End Lane, West Hampstead, London, NW6 1SG