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An Organised Mess

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As you are reading this I will be making my way to the sunny seaside town of Brighton in order to celebrate my big sisters HEN DO. Jiminy Cricket, I can’t believe the girl I used to play horseys with and dance to Tchaikovsky classical records is now due to be wed. A wife?! Cray times. Anyway, I will be writing a post on the ultimate guide to hen do planning in due course for all you brides to be and maid of honours.

Today is just a quicky really, an update on life and how to balance day to day activities. I have found myself becoming a little overwhelmed with the amount of work I’ve been doing just recently. And I don’t mean just my 9-6 jobby, I mean the coming home and working in the evenings and on the weekends.

The key is to be ORGANISED. Which is something I’m actually generally pretty decent at. Being obsessed with writing lists helps this of course. But in terms of actually balancing my extra-curricular activities and prioritising stuff? Yeah, not so great. Procrastination is also a big skill of mine. 

Image sourced from: http://weheartit.com/entry/170329669

Image sourced from: http://weheartit.com/entry/170329669

So I’ve brought myself a diary where I will write in what scheduled posts I have written for which days. Ideally like to get to a point where I am writing posts at least a week or two in advance. There is not enough hours in the day I swear! I count myself lucky because the extra bits I have going on, I absolutely LOVE. I love blogging, and I love watching it grow day by day and having loyal readers that come back and give me a lovely little comment, it feels pretty darn good. I may have mentioned before that I do a little extra side work for Stitch & Story, being their ‘selfie model’ and editing the pics that I take – and that, I absolutely love too. It’s super fun and means you can get as creative as you want, though I usually need a helping hand with the picture taking, so scheduling that little bad boy in when someone is around to help me can be tricky.

I am learning how to blog as I go along, and I think I’m doing okay for having only been up and running for a couple’a months, but we always like to be the best right? So I think I need to figure out a way to step up my ‘behind the scenes’ game a bit and become a bit more... Streamlined.

Once I become an organised goddess I will obviously share my wisdom with you, bear with me little pretties, I’m getting there.

Does anyone have any tips and tricks for ultimate organisation? I would love to know!