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Monday Must Haves

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I think I’m going to start having a more organised approach to my blog so it’s not so sporadic in topic and you lovely people know what you’re getting each day of the week. So far I am trying to post 3 times a week (a Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and there is the odd bonus one thrown in for the element of surprise (lucky, lucky you). With working full time and having a semi-decent social life, it’s often a struggle to balance all these projects I have going on. WOE IS ME.

So, a very late but relevant New Year’s resolution: OPERATION, GET MY ARSE INTO GEAR.

I would also like to point out that I am writing this on my VERY swanky new Apple Macbook Pro which is a million miles different from my old trusty Lenovo number, so please bear with me while I try and get used to this fancy snazzy new way of doing things. I swear I am a technophobe, which isn’t a great quality in a blogger, but hey ho, everyone likes a trier, right?  

So onto this weeks ‘Monday Must Haves’ – I wanted to concentrate this week’s portion on homeware because for one, I am obsessed with homeware, and two, I am obsessed with homeware. Which actually doesn’t bode well when you live in a pokey flat with no room for decoration – who knew? I kind of find my room is now more ‘overcrowded pawn shop’ rather than the ‘shabby chic minimalist Pinterest worthy’ look. Massive fail on my part. However, this obsession will come in handy when I turn 80 and actually can afford a home of my own to decorate. Liklihood is that copper accessories won’t be the ‘in’ thing then, but I can live in hope. 

Monday Must Haves

1) Rose & Grey - Antique Brass Collections Box - £28 

This little number would just complete any womans dressing table. Its golden colour is so feminine and the little compartments allow you to be super organised in the accessories department. LOVELOVELOVE.

2) Oliver Bonas - Copper Honeycomb Tumbler - £6

Following my copper-y rose gold-y theme are these gorgeous little tumblers from Oliver Bonas. They look like they have been dip dyed in golden honeycomb. Everyone needs a set of these in their kitchen cupboards. OB also do a range of this honeycomb-y goodness including wine glasses, bowls and jugs. Check it out!

3) Anthropologie - Embroidered Monochrome Cushions - £29.95-£48

As Anthropoligies number one fan, it was only right that I featured them in this Monday's Must Haves. These embroidered cushions are so chic and pretty, without being too in your face. I am a little bit obsessed with all things initialed, so it was inevitable that these would make this list.

4) Urban Outfitters - Picniq Planner in mint & pink - £10.95

It is a well know fact that bloggers love stationary. You literally cannot have enough notebooks and pens because you never know when those ideas are about to strike. Why not add this little baby to your collection? I love the abstract design and the pastel shades, it's perfect for those summer days sitting in the park figuring out next weeks blog posts.

5) George at ASDA Home - Don't Forget to be Happy Cushion - £7

The slogan on this cushion is so relative to every day life. I certainly often need to be reminded to be happy. It's so easy to become wrapped up in, well, life, that you forget those simple things like appreciating what makes you bare happs. And plus, a steal at only £7!

6) Urban outfitters - urban grow diamond terrarium planter in gold - £35

Um, HIYA. HOW AMAZING IS THIS. Now I am an adult I feel like I should be buying plants and herbs and stuff, but they take a lot of looking after. Sticking a few little cacti or succulents in something like this is such a cool, easy way to get your room looking brighter and more colourful. Plus you can pretend you have green fingers.

7) oliver bonas - hand painted ceramic drawer pull - £2.50

Do you have an old chest of drawers that looks like it needs a bit of lovin'? Replace those old drawer pulls with these beautiful ceramic pulls for an instant transformation!

8) Anthropologie - Fiesta Placemat - £10

Every table needs placemats right? So why not opt for these gorgeous woven little bad boys from my one true love, Anthropologie. They come in an assortment of designs and colours so you can mix and match to be super sassy. Go on, give your table a little makeover, it'll make the world of difference.

9) H&M home - metal wire basket - £9.99

I had been wanting this for ages now, it's perfect to put those odds and sods lying around your room that don't necessarily have a home. I put my Birchbox samples in mine to keep them altogether. It's like a little treat dipping into this golden basket of goodness.

10) John lewis - super cosy thin stripe flannelette bedding - £10-£60

I am partial to a striped bedset, partly because it's a simple enough design to litter your bed with an assortment of cushions, and partially because I am a striped pattern fan girl. This is in a flannelette fabric, so may be slightly warm for this time of the year (who am I kidding, its May and still sub-zero temperatures) - but so cosy to nestle down in for a good Netflix sesh.

11) ROse & grey - pina colada lamp - £65

Um, HOW COOL ARE THESE? Srsly. Colourful pineapple lamps?! ALL IN ONE?! Enough said.

12) George at ASDA home - Prince's trust fox cushion - £7 

This little fox cushion not only looks so sweet, but 10% of each one goes to The Princes Trust charity. So not only are you adding character to any room, you are also giving money to an amazing cause. Bonus!