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Handy Twitter Hashtags For Bloggers

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Twitter Hashtags For Bloggers

Happy Monday y'all!

So I've been taking this road to the blogosphere for a few months now and think I am finally getting to know what I am doing. Don't get me wrong - I still have far to go, like understanding my blog analytics and using them to make my blog bigger, better and spunkier and shinier. But for now, I am happy on getting the basics down. Obviously, social media is a HUGE part of advertising your blog, to get it out there for like-minded readers to enjoy. I had already got Facebook down to a tee because I've been using it since I was 17 (WOW I feel old) and who can remember life before Facebook stalking, likes and tags? 

Now Twitter was the one platform that I was like WTF IS THIS. Before my blog I had a twitter account that consisted of around 20 tweets that went something like this 'Errr I don't know what I'm doing', 'Still don't know what I'm doing' and 'I GIVE UP'. I never got to grips with it and as a result became clueless to the Twitter world. Isn't it weird that as you get older you become out of touch with new technologies. I swear if I was 17 again I would know what I am doing straight away. Kids these days huh?

Anyway, so after a few lessons from my trusty Twitter god housemates, I leant a few nifty little tricks and how to finally hashtag in order to get my tweets to be seen by my fellow blogger friends and anyone else who is interested in what my little blog has to say.

So here's a list of my most popular hashtags :

#bbloggers – Beauty bloggers

#beautybloggers – Beauty bloggers

#fbloggers – Fashion bloggers

#lbloggers – Lifestyle bloggers

#gbloggers – Gorgeous bloggers

#bdib – Bloggers do it best (yeh they do)

#fblchat – Fashion, beauty, life chat

#OOTD – Outfit of the day

#OOTW – Outfit of the week

#GRWM – Get ready with me

#motd – Makeup of the day

#fotd – Face of the day

#Notd – Nails of the day

#foodie – Foodie

#foodblogger – Food blogger

#hbloggers – Health bloggers

#Mondayblogs - For blogs posted on Monday, duh

There are also a few blogger RT (retweet) accounts that are really handy and help to spread your blog a little more. So when you are promoting a post, pop one of these in with your hashtags and they retweet you so all of the accounts followers will see your hard work!

Here are the ones I use:





Now remember way back then when I posted my blogging inspiration post? I gave you pretty people a cheeky little list of Twitter chats that you can take part in and really become part of the blogging family. Honestly, I have met some amazing people on there that I can easily call friends. Even if you don't have a blog and just want some nifty fashion, beauty and life tips - please do join in! 

Also, look at me doing that thing that bloggers do and linking my posts. Muhahaha. That's another things that I have learnt and I will do a separate post on this - but linking as many webpages to your blog without it becoming unreadable and looking like an overcrowded tube station is a really good thing. So yeah, good to get in the habit of that. Just make sure the links are relatable to your content because you will confuse your readers, and ain't no-one wanna do that. 

If you have any other handy hashtags that I have left out, please do add them in the comments below :)