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17 Things the Summer Season Brings

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Hello Summer

It's ALMOST upon us guys. My favourite season of all time. The season where we can let go of our winter jackets and *maybe* shed the winter weight and party till 6am because its MOTHER CHUFFIN' SUMMER. Ahh the summer. It brings so much joy and happiness to so many. So, get your armbands at the ready 'cos I'm about to dive into a list of some of the things that this pretty sunny season brings us:

1) A lovely natural tan. No more smelling like a biscuit tin guys, no more tanning mits or streaky gravy lines. Just be sure to keep that factor 30 close by because the British sun is a deceptive little minx – you may burn and it WILL hurt. Maybe keep a bottle of Aloe Vera handy too, just in case.

2) You'll find yourself becoming slightly obsessed with sunglasses. You'll find them everywhere including every handbag you own. 

3) Instagram will become your go-to social media platform - you can never have enough 'Hot Dogs or Legs' pics. You can take advantage of not looking like the Michelin Man anymore with all of those layers and take countless selfies in your summery get-up and fruit Ciders. CHEESE.  

4) There will be a lot of complaints. 'It's too hot', 'oh god I'm dying' and 'I'M MELTING' etc... Ahh the good old Brits and our stereotypical ways, we love to complain. 

5) The summer brings out the best in us. The happy us. The smiley us. The tanned us. 

6) Get your pedi-egg out ladies cos' it's time to bust those tootsies out for a bit of summer lovin'. No more crusty feet, it's all about the pretty pastel painted toes and toe rings and cute summer sandals. 

7) OHMYGOD HOLIDAYS. Too excited for words. 

8) You will swap the hearty Pasta n'Sauces for healthy green salads and juices and smoothies. Who cares if Kale tastes like something my cat threw up? It's summer and IT'S GOOD FOR ME.

9) Step aside red wine, I will save you for those cosy nights in when it's a bit nippy and raining. Enter Pimms, hello and welcome to my sunny, summery world. 

10) BBQ's. NOM. All the ribs and potato salad in my belly please, thank you. 

11) Forget the rebellious youth days of getting pissed over the heath with your friends and a bottle of Lambrini. You are now a sophisticated LEGAL adult who can totes get piddled in a beer garden. Winning!  

12) ALL the Fro-yo with ALL the toppings. Nomnom.

13) Be prepared for your wardrobe to be taken over by kimonos - the perfect summer cover up. They look super pretty and feminine and will hide all the BBQ rolls. 

14) There will be a lot of venturing to parks with beers and picnics filled with yummy treats in hand. Bless this sunny season. 

15) You will see flowery headbands knocking about everywhere. Whether it be at a festival or at the park or when your having that cheeky Nandos. People love themselves a flowery headband.  

16) The summer sun only means one thing. Pruning. You will have to up the ante on the old beautifying routine to prepare your skin for glorious weather. Shave, exfoliate, moisturise, scrub and peel till your hearts content because being soft and subtle at all times is pretty mandatory this time of year. 

17) After work drinks become a vital ritual to your long working weeks. You'll seek out a sunny spot in your local beer garden and will gather with your fellow work pals and have incredible amounts of banter over cold beers and Pimms. LOVE LIFE.