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Schwarzkopf Professional Review

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Hello Kids!

So after exposing my tresses to a new makeover recently, and the peroxide making my ends a *little* bit crusty and split, Schwarzkopf Professional very kindly sent me their Glamination range to try and give my hair a bit of 'Va-va Voom' back. Thank you kindly! So the next day these bad boys landed in my mail room at work. The OSiS+ Glamination range has been out since September 2014 and the aim of the range is to give hair an understated and effortless glam look. This range is infused with liquid minerals which means they don't leave your hair feeling greasy. They are so light and make your hair feel super smooth and soft, which also means you have no nasty crustiness once you're hair is styled, but you have enough hold to beat whatever weather Mother Nature throws at you. Plus, they smell pretty bloody increds.

I of course have to say at this point (*DISCLAIMER ALERT*) that each review I have given for these products are completely my own honest opinions and have not been swayed in any kind of way. 


Schwarzkopf Review
  • OSiS+ Glamination Prime Prep Spray

This little spray bottle of joy helps to prep your hair for any kind of damage it encounters. So spray this onto your locks whilst it's damp to receive full on protection from heat and brushing. So, in essence, a protection spray. It's so easy to overlook a protection spray but srsly, use one! IMO we look after our skin and appearance, why not look after our hair too? It makes your hair silky and smooth, with no greasy residue.

  • OSiS+ Glamination Plumping Shine Mousse

I have really enjoyed using this moose. It's one of my pet hates to use a moose and be left with clumpy, matted, sticky hair that looks just as dirty as it was before you washed the darn thing. This moose is certainly innocent to that. It doesn't quite give me the hold I truly need and often arrive to work with flattened hair that is in need of a bit of a backcomb, but yep, I would recommend this to others as a good quality everyday moose. 

  • OSiS+ Glamination Strong Glossy Holdspray

Now this hairspray does smell lovely, but I must admit it wasn't my favourite hairspray ever. Because I have long hair, it often needs something pretty strong to hold it styled, so I usually go to my trusty TRESemme Freeze Hold hairspray which never lets me down. I think describing this as a 'strong hold' hairspray is probably not that accurate. I would say it's a light/medium hold - probably more suitable for shorter hair that isn't as heavy.

  • OSiS+ Glamination Smooth Polish Elixir

NOMNOMNOM loved this product! I usually put a couple of pumps into my hand and massage it into my hair whilst it is still damp from washing. It is liquid based, so there is no oily residue left on your hands and it makes your locks looking polished and feeling strong. I would certainly recommend this product to anyone who's hair is in a little need of some TLC and needs taming. It also cures frizziness so if you have a fairly wild mane then this could be for you. 

  • OSiS+ Glamination Light Glossy Holdspray

I really loved this little spray bottle hairspray. It seems to have a slightly stronger hold than the previously mentioned Strong Glossy Hairspray, but what I really loved about it is that it is perfect to pop in your handbag for emergency top ups. Well done Schwarzkopf Pro!

Overall I really enjoyed using this range and as I've mentioned previously, I believe it would be perfectly suited for the shorter haired girls or the ones whose hair isn't too heavy or thick. These products certainly do what they say on the tin - give an effortless understated look to hair.

Peace and love and all that jazz. x