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20 Things That Happen When You Start Full Time Work

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20 Things That Happen When You Start Full Time Work


  1. You have less money than when you started having a proper adult income. Sorry to break it to you.

  2. You experience an actual quarter life crisis because 'THIS IS MY LIFE FOR THE NEXT 40 YEARS'

  3. Your weekends become the most valuable thing ever. You can kiss goodbye to the days spent lying in your pit till 4pm because its the MOTHER-EFFIN' WEEKEND.

  4. The morning alarm becomes your worst enemy.

  5. You experience mandatory snack times such as 'elevensies' and 'tea o'clock' - who cares if you put a few office pounds on!?

  6. Thinking back to those uni days of going out 4 times a week drinking noting but sugar makes you feel a *little* bit sick.

  7. Those precious 20 days holiday per year are spent trying to cram in every exciting thing your bank balance will allow you to do.

  8. You realise that Thursday night drinks are the new Friday night drinks. YOU'RE SO COOL.

  9. You go from drinking Glens vodka and snakebite to drinking red wine. You sophisticated ADULT you.

  10. You actually have to learn how to curb your procrastination habit.

  11. Sunday night insomnia is an actual thing. 

  12. A lunch time glass of red feels like the naughtiest thing ever.

  13. Budgeting your money is a challenge. I really *should* be paying bills, saving for a house deposit and other important things, but I really NEED this new Benefit mascara. 

  14. You become aware of office politics all too quickly. 

  15. Emails become the most annoying thing in the world. 

  16. Office germs spread like wildfire and you WILL get ill. A LOT. 

  17. Peoples annoying habits are amplified by about a million percent when you start working in an office. STOP WITH THE HUMMING. 

  18. You probably will addicted to caffeine related drinks.

  19. There are people who think it's acceptable to leave the toilets like a bomb has gone off. Even women. Gross. 

  20. Nothing feels better than that Friday Feeling. OH YEH PASS THE WINE LOVE.