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Monday Must Haves

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I kind of struggled doing this weeks 'Must Haves' and this is mainly due to the confused weather we are having at the moment. Obviously it's Spring, we get that the weather maaay be a little iffy every now and again, but one day can be sub-zero arctic conditions and the next you feel like your sunning it up in Marbs. I'm getting exhausted darting between my winter and summer wardrobe, so please sort it out Mother Nature. Plus I need a tan to go with my sparkly new lippy, which brings me to item numero one on this weeks Must Have list:

Monday Must Haves

1) KIKO – Velvet Mat Satin Lipstick - £6.90 – 106 Bright Orange 

LOVE LOVE LOVE. I'm actually writing a KIKO post so this will obviously feature there. But basically, this lipstick makes me drool. Not just a bit either.

2) Zara – Leather Gladiator Sandals £89.99

I love this style of sandal, it's so cool and 'now' and slots in pretty perfectly to this years Bohemien look that has been hitting our catwalks. I'm not sure I am cool enough to pull these off, and they *could* make my legs look like stumpy little pegs, but who knows I may try them out one of these days. Just be careful of those tan lines ladies, you could end up looking like you have that Argyle diamond print golfers wear etched onto your legs for a few days. 

3) H&M – Handbag - £29.99

So this morning I found myself with a little spare time before my hair appointment, so obviously I did a little window shopping down Oxford Street. In H&M my eyes clapped upon this lovely pink-y nude-y handbag. It looks really expensive and is nice and big for all your "essentials". I really enjoy the fact it has a detachable shoulder strap, AND it has a zip. Living in London, there are a lot of pesky pick-pocketers around so I always opt for bags with zips or buckle fastenings because y'never know. 

4) Zara – Embroidered Tunic - £35.99

This is simply beautiful, right? I saw this in store and immediately thought I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE. Hurry up payday, hurry. It's gorgeous embroidery on the front, again make it fit snugly into the Bohemiem theme that's going on right now. This would actually look pretty darn good teamed up with those gladiator sandals, see numero two. 

5) Zara – Long Printed Dress - £49.99

This dress combines two of my favourite styles. Firstly, a peplum. Man, I love a peplum, they are so flattering and hide any lumps, bumps and belly rolls that you want to hide. Secondly, prints. This dress comes in a small flower-y print in really earthy colours making it pretty seasonal (weather depending). Like, you could totes wear this from Spring through to Autumn. Winning.

6) Topshop – Sleeveless Belted Duster Jacket - £65

I am a big lover of these sleeveless jackets, they can sass up any plain outfit like a treat. I feel like they have the ability to give a casual outfit a slightly formal edge.This one from Toppers comes in black and khaki too. 

7) Miss Selfridge – Dark Floral Wide Leg - £32

Wide leg trousers are pretty freaking big at the moment and I LOVE it. They should be every curvy girls best friend as they make a curvy figure slightly more balanced. Unlike skinnies that cling to every nook and cranny, these bad boys are fitted where they need to be and as they drape down the leg it creates such a flattering shape. I actually own these exact ones, and I love wearing them. You can make them as casual or as dressy as you like! 

8) Maria Nila – Colour Refresh in colour Pink Pop 0.06 – €29.00/£21 

I can't tell you how desperate I am to try these Maria Nila products. This is actually a Swedish brand that has recently launched over here in the UK. They are 100% vegan and DO NOT test on animals, which I know a lot of people will really love about this brand. They have a vast range of colours, but the one I have my beady eye on is the Pink Pop as I think it could look pretty dreamy with blonde locks. This product is a hair masque, so you will be left with silky smooth hair, unlike most other hair colourants. 

9) Boots – Coconut Body Oil - £2.54

I really need to get on this coconut oil bandwagon, because by the sounds of it, it's pretty much ever beauty lovers dream. I have brought myself a big ole tub'a this - so keep on checking back for a '5 Ways to Use Coconut Oil' post. 

10) Topshop – Lexi Round Sunglasses - £16

LOVE THESE. I've always been pretty impressed with the quality of Topshops sunnies, and the range they have is pretty darn vast. These tickled my pickle though, with their slight cateye shape and a hint of tortoiseshell - and a bargain at only £16!