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Planning The Perfect Hen Do

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Firstly, SOZ, because this post is pretty long, and has a lot of pretty pictures for y'all to look at.

Okay so as you may know from my posts just recently, I have just come back from celebrating my big sisters Hen Do – cray, cray times. So with her permission, I thought I would do a little cheeky post about it to tell you guys what we got up to and to give some pointers for if you are the lucky maid of honour planning the bride to be’s special last hurrah.

Kat's Hen Do

This hen do consisted of 14 of us, including the mother of the bride and groom, so the bride gave me strict instructions to keep crudeness to a minimum. So basically, good clean fun was what I was after. After much to-ing and fro-ing we decided it would be a good idea to host the do in Brighton. Abroad would have been pretty pricey, and Brighton is gorgeous and has so much to see and do, but is quiet enough for relaxation to happen too. I didn’t want to stress the girl out too much by having it in a big, busy city scene.

A couple of weeks before the shindig I created a 'Plan of Action' pack to send round to all the hens so they would know what to expect of the weekend and what to bring. Here is what I sent out:

Plan of Action
Plan of Action
Plan of Action
Plan of Action

So here’s what went down on the weekend:


So we all arrived on the Friday, Mumma Sanj and I had decorated the house with the standard willy accessories, bunting and paper pompoms, along with setting up the kitchen table with a selection of delicious Tescos Finest cakes, and the rest of the clan joined us a few hours later. That evening we chilled, pampered and played games. I had organised a ‘Mr & Mrs Quiz’ – so I had made a list of 25 questions that were about the bride and groom, par example: ‘What is Katherine’s most annoying habit’ or ‘What is Luke’s most embarrassing moment’, y’know… that kinda thing. I had got the best man to video the groom’s answers, and after a bit of playing around online I had edited the video to look a little snazzier.  For each wrong answer the bride had to take a shot. Now this kind of backfired because she was ready to hit the hay by about 8:00pm, but I guess this would differ between brides. Good luck with that one ladies!  

A couple of the other girls came up with some other games that we could play including ‘Story Time’ (Each hen had 4 small pieces of card, you had to think of a memory and think of 4 key words to write as clues on the cards. These were then all passed to the bride and she had to think of the memory and which hen it came from. If she got it right, then hen had a shot, if she got it wrong, she got the shot!) We each gave her a small present when our memory was up too for extra bants.


Considering there was 14 women all in one house, we were up and ready by 10:30 ready to have a breakfast of croissants and OJ together. Pretty unheard of, right? But we are a weird bunch of bananas. At around 12:30 I sat the hens down and told them all that we were to split into 2 teams for a photo challenge. I had written out a series of challenges we had to complete in a 2 hour time limit – but we needed to have photo evidence that we had completed the tasks. This not only made it fun, but we got some cracking pics in the mix. Here are the challenges set:

Photo Challenge
Photo Challenge

The lucky winners received a baby trophy, filled with a shot – obvs. We then had a few hours down time where people could go and explore or just chill out and get ready for the evenings shenanigans.

Once our glad rags were on, we tottered on down to a lovely restaurant called Alfresco that was right on the seafront. We indulged in beautiful food (Spinach and Ricotta Rotolo thank you very much) and washed it down with some lovely wine and Pimms. Once suitably fed and watered we hobbled on over to Shooshh ‘super club’ (not entirely sure it should be called a superclub but hey ho) right on the front for a few little cocktails and a bop before heading to The Funfair Club. We had a little area reserved and were met by a delightful host, who gave us shots and drinks and showed us a lovely time. By this point the bride was obvs a little worse for wear and after a few hours of dancing with willy stickers to some classic tunes, we called it a night. A few Subways later and it was bedtime.


So there was a few sore little heads on the Sunday morning and as people cradled their hangovers the hens packed up and headed home to Ipswich. Obvs me and Sanj stayed for a couple of hours to check out Brighton’s beautiful lanes and made the odd unnecessary purchase before heading back to my flat in London Town.

Overall, the weekend was glorious. It was full of laughs, banter and memories to be remembered forever. So if you are planning a hen do check out a few of my pointers below:


·         Don’t be afraid to ask for help – The girls that came on this hen do were wonderful. I was struggling with balancing work/blogging/photography/general life AND hen do planning so I asked a couple of the galz to come up with some extra games. The wife of the best man was also one of the hens, and she sorted getting the video for the Mr & Mrs quiz and made us some sexy slogan t’s for the Saturday. My point is, people will be glad to help out, so try not to take it all on your own shoulders as it is a lot of work!

·         Ask your bride for hints about how she wants the weekend to be. Does she have any do’s and don’ts? Any preferences of location or activities?

·         Don’t have a strict schedule. This is probably my most valid point here. I wanted the weekend to have some kind of structure but without having to watch the clock all the time and cart the hens around 24/7 – because that ain’t fun for anyone, and it makes it VERY tiring.

·         It doesn’t have to be the most expensive shindig in the world. Just because you want it to be special doesn’t mean you have to go and spend mega bucks on everything. Why not make some fun games of your own, and make your favours and decorations? I made the favours by wrapping a few little bath bombs in some tissue paper and securing with twine, and Sanj had made bunting to hang around the pad, and it looked wonderful. 

Here's a few pics from the weekend: