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I have become a little obsessed with two things just recently. Firstly, affordable makeup brands, and secondly, lipsticks. Literally, I can’t get enough. And now even my homeware and ASOS purchasing are suffering because of this. CRIMINAL. Why can’t I be obsessive over things that are like, free? So my bank account won’t suffer and I can live a life of semi-luxury, rather than surviving on packet ‘Pasta n Sauces’ (broccoli and cheese in case you were wondering). But you know, I have taken on the role of being a blogger and trying new things, and I intend to take it srsly. So yeh. I’ll get on with the post now. 

SO. A few weeks ago, my gurl Amy and I had a little Sunday session down on Oxford Street, and we decided to go into KIKO to feed my addictions. It was my first time in there (KIKO virgin) and it’s safe to say I fell hook, line and sinker for their products. They were gorgeous, and so affordable. It was as if all my dreams came true at once. There was a few little bits that I was actually looking out for, one being a new foundation to replace my BELOVED Estee Lauder Double Wear. I would marry this stuff if I could, but I have decided to maybe try out some other foundations to save me from spending 30 odd quid each time I need a new one. YOLO. So as I was pondering the foundation section, this lovely ginger bearded man came and asked if I needed help and I said YES. YES PLEASE. So I plonked myself onto his makeup station and he set to work with scrubbing, moisturising and painting my pores until I looked like a KIKO goddess. It was a wonderful experience and I wanted to kiss the ginger bearded man on the forehead out of pure glee (I didn’t FYI).

ANYWAYS. Enough of me rambling, lemme show you the goodies.

KIKO Products
KIKO Products
KIKO Products

1) Skin Evolution Foundation SPF 10 in colour 106 Light Beige £12.90

This is the foundation Big Ginge put on me and it glides on like a dream. I must admit, it is not QUITE as sexual as my Estee Lauder DW BUT that is setting some serious standards. So for a third of the price, this bad boy is an absolute contender. I have been using this ever since I bought it and it is so lightweight you feel like you aren’t wearing anything which is a bonus now the weather is getting *slightly* warmer. No more summer sweaty foundation stains. It doesn’t dry your skin out either which is what I was worried about with trying a new foundation, and looks lovely and dewy on the skin. The cakey face look is not sexy so I wanted to avoid that like the plague, so yep, another win for this tube of greatness. Thumbs up!

2) Face 107 Concave Brush £15.90

I have been looking for a good foundation brush for ages. You know, one that isn't going to malt its hairs into my existing moustache. The brush is made from synthetic hair, and it is so soft on the skin. I find when I use this for applying foundation is serves as a great buffer - it leaves no nasty brush strokes and you feel like your skin has really absorbed the foundation rather just having a heavy layer on top. 

3) Free Spirit Lips & Cheeks in colour 01 Hearty Peach £8.90

Now this teamed up with a browny nude lipliner is just plain gorgeous. It's great for an everyday look with a slight sassy edge. It lasts for ages and doesn't make your lips flake into a million pieces which is always nice. It comes with a sharpener so you don't have to splash extra cash on one of those, thank you KIKO. 

Free Spirit Lips & Cheeks in colour 01 Hearty Peach

4) Velvet Matt Satin Lipstick in colour 604 Bright Orange £6.90 

I've been naughty and saved the best till last, because I have found THE ONE lipstick. That lipstick that makes you feel glamorous (totes just sung Fergie - Glamourous, thank you very much) and cool and funky fresh. THIS. THIS, beautiful beautiful lipstick is now my must have and I want to wear it all day everyday and I don't care who knows it. It's a vibrant shade of reddy orange and it doesn't bleed and doesn't dry your lips out and is basically just the best thing ever. Now I just need a badass tan to go alongside it. I will (as you can probably tell) be re-purchasing this forever and always, and will *probably* be adding the rest of the colour range into my shopping basket too. Just don't tell my bank balance. 

Velvet Matt Satin Lipstick in colour 604 Bright Orange