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So I am sitting here, head still pounding, nose still full of gross flourecent gunk, throat full of balls-sized tonsils and I thought I needed a little positivity booster. Because, y'know, when you feel shitty, you need a little pick me up. So while I am snotting into my hot mug of Ribena, I am writing this (still drugged up) so please forgive me for any sentences that come across like they have been written by a four year old. The Easter Egg has helped considerably...

Today I wanted to waffle on a bit about my blogging inspiration, and share a few sneaky sources that have really helped me to delve right into writing a (semi) successful blog.

It's no secret that I am quite addicted to blogs. I love reading about peoples lives and have been touched at how blogging has actually helped so many people in such a positive way. It seems to have boosted self confidence for so many, and helped people gain a lot of new pals that share the same interests as them. Living in London, apart from my close group of friends, I have struggled to find people who have the same interests as me, and entering this world has just turned that around. People are so darn lovely, and there is always someone around to have a chinwag about anything and anything whenever you need someone to just chat to.

Blogging is a chance to get super creative. Writing and photography are a part of that creative bubble, sure, but the behind the scenes, the getting out there and doing stuff you want to write about, the days you spend cooking to then instagram the fuck out of it. It's all a massive part of keeping yourself busy and experiencing new things to share with the world.

Create Your Own Story

Nothing is actually quite as satisfying as getting yourself a nice cuppa tea, sitting at your desk (kitchen table) and just surrounding yourself in notebooks and candles and other cliche blogging paraphanalia and clicking submit. You get a moment like 'FUCK YEH BABY'. Which is a bit sad, but do we care? NO.

Blogging Inspiration

Before I actually started I did a little research on the best platform to create your blog on. I did start with Wordpress, but one of my lovely pals happens to be a computer whizz and massively helped me out (thanks Matt) over a few glasses (bottles) of red wine, and we decided to actually transfer it to Squarespace. I would HIGHLY recommend this. Squarespace is so easy to use, and you can customise EVERYTHING. You do have to pay but it is cheaper than Wordpress, and is a bit more user friendly. I guess that all depends on preference though!

Once I got up and running, I was excited to fill my little internet home with random stuff that you lovely viewers can read the shit out of. I know I have a long way to go content wise, but let me tell you, I'm having a ball filling this baby up. It's like having a pet, but less expensive.

A few of the blogs I have found to be insanely useful are these:

Dana at: http://www.thewonderforest.com/

Lily Melrose at: http://www.llymlrs.com/ especially her vlog, she has made a few videos on the equipment she uses.

Rebecca-Louise at: http://autumnleaves-x.blogspot.co.uk/

Melissa at: http://mediamarmalade.com/

Being connected to social media is also pretty necessary for getting your blog 'out there' past the eyes of your friends and family. I was pretty much a Twitter virgin, and had to be taught by my two lovely housemates what the hell a hashtag was. But I did it and it now I am pretty addicted. If you can get to grips too it does massively help. Twitter chats are held most days where you can chat to fellow bloggers about life and beauty and fashion. Below is a list of the chats held on Twitter :)

Mondays: Fashion. 8-9pm. #fbloggers

Tuesdays: Fashion, life and beauty. 8-9pm. #fblchat

Wednesdays: General beauty. 8-9pm. #bbloggers

Thursdays: Fashion. 8-9pm. #fbloggers

Fridays: Beauty. 7-8pm. #beautychat

Sundays: General beauty. 8-9pm. #bbloggers


I've said from the beginning, I don't want this blog to be a glorified representation of me, which is what we see on Facebook every single day. People post the exciting things in life, and well, quite simply, I ain't that exciting guys. I have views and opinions and I have days (most days) when I just simply, can't be arsed and want to stay in my onesie and watch TOWIE and MIC all day. But some days I can be arsed, so hence why my blog is one varied space, but I don't mind that. I am highly open to suggestions if people want me to a specific post, but comment below :)

Since I have started blogging so many people have said 'Oh it's something I think I would enjoy' - my answer: 'It is the best thing I could have done, and you should 1000000% go for it.'

I love reading new material, so please fellow bloggers, post your links below and I'll be sure to check them out.

I'm off for my next round of drugs (legal). xxx

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