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30 Facts About Harriet Victoria

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Harriet Victoria

I’m celebrating my 1 month anniversary of blogging, woooo go me. So I thought I’d give you a cheeky list of 30 Things about Harriet Victoria that you more than likely won’t already know.

1)      I have a BSc degree in Fashion Technology. Most won’t know what this is, but in the realms of Fashion, I am a trained Garment Technologist. I can pattern cut, design, construct and fit clothes. I say I can do this, it’s been a while. I love it, the job is awesome, but I do struggle in the fierce fashion industry. It can be one cut-throat environment!

2)      When I first moved to London, I was a fitting model. So, still on the fashion-y theme, I was basically a human mannequin for many companies. Mainly New Look, but I also did cover work for Laura Ashley, River Island, Debenhams and House of Fraser. This job basically consisted of being poked and prodded and called fat, but y’know, it was an experience and one that I am certainly glad of.

3)      Reality TV is my thang and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I watch them all. TOWIE, MIC, Taking New York, Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore, Ex On The Beach. You name it, I watch it.

4)      When I was a kid my favourite animal was a monkey, and the amount of monkey toys I had was actually a bit unhealthy.

5)      In my life time I have lived in 14 different houses. That is a lotta moving about guys. I grew up in Ipswich in Suffolk, where a lot of my family and most of my beautiful gorgeous friendlings still reside. My mother hen and step-dad live up in Edinburgh. And I am here, in London, with 2 lovely housemates, Ben and Lee, and our stumpy tailed cat, Brian.

6)      When I can afford to buy a house, in many, many years’ time, the deciding factor will be if it has wooden beams in it. Everyone loves a beam or two.

7)      When I was a young warthog, I would have Spaghetti Bolognaise every day on holiday for 2 weeks. Some may say it’s an obsession.

8)      I am shit at baking and always will be.

9)      Sometimes I like to initiate a staring competition with people on the tube. Just because it’s funny to watch them squirm.

10)   I have fallen asleep on the tube just the once after a night out and ended up at the very end of the Metropolitan line. Woops.

11)   I have a boyfriend named Jack, who, as it turns out is the same name as my dog. It gets confusing. He is a Yorkshire man, who speaks fluent French (the man, not the dog).

12)   I buy a diary every year, and never stick to writing in it. FAIL. I did actually buy one for blogging purposes the other day, but didn’t realise that it doesn’t start until July. Another fail.  

13)   Kate Moss’s Rimmel number 107 is my lip colour of choice.

14)   If you give me a scented candle I’ll be your best friend.

15)   My comfiest sleeping position is with one leg cocked up (lol) and the other crossing it.

16)   I talk and laugh in my sleep. When I was younger I used to dream that the dragon from ‘Pete and the Dragon’ was tickling me. Needless to say it freaked my parents the fuck out. A more recent comical moment was when I was sharing a bed with my now housemate Ben, and I woke him up by saying ‘I love you baby’. When I woke he was giving me a death stare. Yeh, awkward…

17)   I wish more than anything that I could sing or dance with some kind of grace.

18)   My takeaway of choice is an Indian. Lamb Madras, cheers.

19)   Red wine.

20)   White wine.

21)   Rose wine.

22)   If I ever got the chance, I probably would go on I’m a celebrity or Big Brother, just to see what it was like.

23)   RIBENA.

24)   Buying anything home related makes me way too happy. HELLO H&M HOME.

25)   I don’t have a favourite colour, but the pastel palette is dreamy as FOOK.

26)   Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut. NOM.

27)   I once played Black Jack with Stephen Mulhern and Honey from Eastenders in Brighton Casino.



30)   Notebooks and stationary excite me way more than they should.