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A Simple Guide to Photo Editing

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When I first bought my DSLR, I knew next to nothing about cameras and how they work, I guess it was an interest of mine and I went in full throttle and splashed out on a Canon 600D – and I have never once regretted it. This isn’t really to do with photo editing, but if any of you are after a slightly more affordable refurbished camera then head over to Camera Jungle. These guys buy bodies, lenses and accessories from sellers who want to upgrade their kits. They fully restore them and replace parts so they are just like new. They rate their stock in terms of condition, so an ‘Excellent’ rating would literally look brand new, ‘Used’ would maybe have a few scratches here and there. Summin’ to think about anyway!

Canon 600D Harriet Victoria

So I use a few different programmes to edit my photos to make them pinterest-worthy and sexy and cool looking.

The first one I would recommend is Photoshop. Obviously I know that all of you will probably know what Photoshop is and how freaking great it is. You can create pretty much anything you want to, but this does come at a price. And is also for the slightly more advanced editor. Of course Youtube is always on hand to offer step-by-step tutorials. It is amazing softwear, but like I said, it can be pricey as heck.

The next one I recommend, which is a super alternative to Photoshop, is GIMP. Now this, my friends, is free downloadable softwear that is a much simplified version of Photoshop, so perfect for beginners. This is where I adjust the colours of my photos and tweak all the nit-picky things to make pictures as perfect as they can be.

Picmonkey is a great online tool you can use to edit images. This is where I tend to create my thumbnail images as you can easily add overlays and text so your thumbnail isn’t too ‘busy’. If your files are on the large side, you can make them smaller on here too.

Onto the apps:

Photography Apps iPhone


Who hasn’t heard of Instagram, right? This is the original photo editing app that has taken the world by storm. It has become a social media must-have. I would say IMO that the filters aren’t as great as it’s competitors.


Another photo editing app. This one doesn’t actually offer filters, which makes it simple on the eye and straight to the point. You can adjust lightness/brightness/contrace/hue and whatever else you need to with no hassle and no fuss.


I would say this is maybe my favourite. There is an array of ‘Scenes’ and ‘Effects’ you can use to tweak your pics as well as offering the basic tools. *WINNING*


This is more of a fun, gimmicky app where you can add text and doodles as well as use the basic filters. This could also be used for those eye catching thumbnails we are all after.


I have been MEANING to use this, but I feel I am using plenty of editing tools right now that I can’t quite handle any more just now. HOWEVER. I have heard great things about VSCO, if you have any comments about it, please pop them below.

I hope this helps!

If you have any other recommendations please do let a gurl know.