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Oh WOW this has really got my goat. So as many of you would have probably already seen, Protein World have created a #beachbodyready campaign which has seen posters of a slim size 6/8 model posing in a bikini, and behind her are the words ‘ARE YOU BEACH BODY READY?’ Now I say words, but I actually feel like I’m being shouted at for being on my daily commute rather than sweating my tushy off in the gym followed by a healthy bout of starvation.


This has got social media mega riled up, and I am totally with the majority that think this is barbaric and insulting and generally just ridiculous. Who says we should have sculpted abs made of steel and breasts as perky as Minnie Mouse’s personality? The UK’s national average size, is a size 16 right? So why should we be SHOUTED at for not looking like Carmen Electra?

This is encouraging women to feel body conscious, and like they should change. Um HELLO Protein World, ever heard of Body Dysmorphic sufferers or Anorexia? We shouldn’t be told by some Protein company that we must get to a size 8 to be ‘Beach Body’ ready. We should love ourselves and feel confident just the way we are.

While I agree that women should be as healthy as possible, and as active as they can manage, I don’t believe that we should be comparing ourselves to unrealistic body shapes that only the supermodels of the world have. This ‘idealist’ body shape that companies like this want us to have is unrealistic. Yeah, I want to be in shape and healthy, but I’m also not going to say no to a Big Mac once in a while. NOM.

Ladies, love yourself as you are. We should embrace our curves. We are women. We are supposed to have lumps and bumps and the odd roll here and there. The main reason why we are here is to have children, to re-populate this crazy world we live in. How can we do this if we are starving our bodies of the good things in life, like um, food.

I really love how women and a lot of men have come together to fight against this campaign, it brings such a sense of unity. YOU GO GURLS & GUYS. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below guys, it would be really interesting to read.