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Superdrug Haul April 2015

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Guys this was very, very naughty of me, and I feel like a mischievous schoolgirl right now, because I cannot justify any spends at the moment. But I woke up on this #SundayFunday and had a niggling desire to just buy something. I tried to ignore it and I got down to my photo editing for Stitch & Story, and after a few hours the tummy started to rumble. Obviously I had no food in my cupboards and HAD to go to the shops. So off I went. The grand voyage to the big Sainsburys in Kilbo.

Upon my travels I came across Superdrug and saw that magical feature in the window - '3 for 2 on ALL makeup' - and my hunger for a good purchase became all too much, and I succumbed. I'M SORRY BANK BALANCE. But it had to be done, it ain't every day a gurl comes face to face with such a deal. And I had been working on a Sunday so I totally deserved it. Totally justified... Ahem.


Superdrug Haul

So I have literally been searching high and low for Zoella's bath range in every Superdrug I have come across and have failed miserably at every attempt. UNTIL NOW. Who knew Kilburns branch would actually stock such a desirable range, huh? So you can imagine the gleam in my eye when I stumpled upon these bad boys. Obviously I have since treated myself to a bath using a couple of the 'Fizz Bar' cubes and some 'Soak Opera' and as I write this I am squeaky clean and smell a bit like heaven. Thanks Zoella, you're a babe. If you are lucky enough to find yourself face to face with this range, please pop it in your basket. I promise you won't be disapointed.

Zoella Bath Range

The next sexy purchase I snapped up was Makeup Academy's Pro-Base Primer. I have become a bit of a primer obsessive as of late - it's so nice to have a soft, smooth canvas to paint your makeup onto. This is a bargain at £4, and literally does the trick as well as Mac's Prep and Prime and is about a fifth of the price. I think sometimes it is easy to believe the high end brands do a better job, but really, you can get such amazing drugstore equivalents AND you can save a lot of dollar. Winning!

Makeup Academy Pro-base Primer

I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS NEXT ONE. Sleek's True Colour Lipstick in colour Vixen. And yes, I do feel like a vixen wearing it. It's the perfect reddy-orange colour which makes those lips POP without doing the whole Kylie Jenner lip-sucky thing. It is so light, it feels like you aren't wearing anything, and the colour stays on so well. I have been drinking tea and eating left over prawn crackers and this bad boy ain't shifting. Which is exactly what you want in a lipstick, obvs. It is fairly small, which is nice because it means you can have the whole collection rolling around in the bottom of your handbag without adding any weight.  I find a lot of lippys dry my lips out and after a few hours they seem to have shed, making them look cakey and a little bit gross. This seems to be really moisturising and there isn't any of that snake-like business.You can snap this up for £4.99.

Sleek True Colour Lipstick Vixen
Sleek True Colour Lipstick Vixen

Next on my list was a new mascara. My Maxfactor Masterpiece Max has becoming drier than the Saraha Desert and I had been toying with the idea of trying a new one. Risky business I know. SO I picked up L'Oreals Mega Volume Miss Manga and thought I would give it a bash. I know this has had really good reviews so fingers crossed I will get on with it. Otherwise I might cry. I did a little test run and it was okay, the end of the brush is flexible so I'm going to have to adjust my mascara application technique. I will do a more in-depth review once I have got a proper opinion about it. I couldn't quite get the volume I get usually, but that was proably down to laziness. It is Sunday afterall.

L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

Next up: Ruth Crilly's COLAB Sheer & Invisible Dry Shampoo in London. OMGOMG this smells actually incredible. I've not been a lover of dry shampoos in the past as I find they tend to make my hair more greasy - not sure if my technique is wrong. But I applied some of this onto my locks and it worked wonders. Ruth runs a Youtube channel under the name A Model Recommends - check her videos out as they are super helpful for makeup and hair tips. Plus she is just a dream to look at. This comes in a range of smells, all of which smell pretty flippin' good.

Last but not least I picked up some of my trusty TRESemme Freeze Hold hairspray, because it is amazing and I had run out. My only gripe about this is that the nozzle tends to get clogged up so I often find myself having to pop the hole with some kind of device. But y'know, the stuff is great so I can live with that.

Harriet Victoria

That's all folks! xx