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Bad Day Cures

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Unfortunately everyone is partial to a bad day. Today was my turn, YEY. I had a shitty day that was full of endless blows and bad news and all round general crappy things that made me shed a few salty tears. Sometimes life just gets too much, and things you can't control can seem overwhelming. Now this may seem like a super negative start, which is not what I want, but I wanted to write this post and to cheer you lovely geezers up, and attempt to remind myself of the simply glorious things in life.

Here are a few little things that always make me feel like a shiney new smiley person on a bad, bad day.

1) Tea. This is so ridiculously British but it just bloody works every time! Whenever that lip starts to tremble, the first thing I think is 'I need a sweet sweet cuppa'.

2) Take the time to pamper the shit out of yourself. Throw on a facemask, light your candles and run a nice warm bubble bath and just soak the hell out of yourself. Have a good scrub, wash your hair, clense, tone and moisturise. Paint those nails and pluck those brows and do anything else you can to just sooth and pamper your body.

3) Put fresh clean sheets on your bed and pop on some sparkly clean jammies. Nothing feels better than getting into a brand spanking new (kinda) bed.

4) Food. Got a craving? Just go for it. Now's not the time to be worrying about carbs and belly rolls, your body needs every bit of nourishment it can get, whether it be carb city or greeny goodness. If you want that mid-week Korma, then you just go for it gurl and do not even feel guilty about it. YOLO.

5) Take the time to endulge in a good old chin wag with some pals. Your friends know you, they know what to say to make you smile and their pretty little faces can light up your mood in a flash. That's what friends are for right? To love and be there for each other in our times of need and sadness.

6) If you, like me, are partial to the odd glass of vino, this can help! Now I am not advising anyone to go and get trollied down the local (you can if you want, obvs) but just that glass of wine can actually make your body and mind relax. Things could even get a bit blurred around the edges, but its FIIIINE. My dentist actually advised me to drink a glass of wine each night to relax myself to help stop me grinding my teeth at night - true story! So, dentists orders and all that!

7) Getting out and about can make you feel better. A change of surroundings rather than wallowing in your room or flat can make the world of difference. Create a list of places you want to go and things you want to do, and work your way through it. Productive, AND great for the mind.

8) I do bloody love a list and this always gets my mind clogs clanking, which is perfect as it takes your mind off whatevers bothering it. Also reading, watching your favourite reality series (lol) or whatever it is you like to do will do the trick. Think about your hobbies and what you find interesting to do.

9) Family. I am lucky that my family and I are quite close. If I ever need a quick fix cheer up Mamma Sanj is always on hand to deliver some kind of crazy comment. As is my big sister and Big Dave, my dad. What a lovely bunch of weirdos :)

10) Pets. If you have any pets at home then their sweet little faces will do you the world of good. My little Jack has seen me through some seriously sad times. As I don't live with little Jack I have to borrow my housemates cat, Brian to make me smile, though he doesn't like me very much. Usually I get a 'WhatCHU lookin' at' kind of glare, but whatevs, it's cute. LOVE YOU BRI.

Jack the Dog

Jack the Dog

Brian the Cat

Brian the Cat