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10 Things That Make Me Instantly Smiley

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Please accept my apologies pretty people - this was supposed to go out yesterday but due to me being full of cold and pretty high on drugs (paracetamol, don't worry) I messed up my scheduling. SO. Without further ado - here goes, 10 things that makes me INSTANTLY happy. 

There are a freaking LOTTA things that make me happy guys, and this list is pretty endless. But I thought it would be a nice uplifting post to write on this happy HAPPY Friday. So yeah, positivity and love and happiness and stuff all round from Harriet Victoria today.

Do you ever have one of those days when your just like, HELLS YEH life is sweet, and you wake up feeling excited for no reason? Well I’m having one of those today. It could be to do with the fact it’s Good Friday, and there is no work we can all CHILL THE HELL OUT for a well deserved, extra long weekend. So I thought I would do a bit of an uplifting post for you guys today so we can all be merry together.

I’m just going to stop waffling and dive right in to the top 10:


Absolute winner on the happiness scale. Nothing can make you feel happier than feeling full with delicious, gorgeous culinary wonderfulness rolling around your belly. The cooking element is also tied in under the ‘food’ category because it’s fudging fun guys. You can create a masterpiece out of just a few ingredients, and the Instagram likes you can tot up because of a good old home cooked meal selfie is pretty snazzy.


Red wine. White wine. Pink wine. ANY COLOURED WINE. Guaranteed for a winning happy smile. Especially after work on a Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday or Monday. Oh, and the Weekend of course. A guzzle of this and that friendly warm fuzzy feeling returns – *love*


All the flowers. Any flowers. They brighten my mood and my surroundings. Win win. As it’s spring me and my housies are sporting some lovely Daffs, they are cheap as chips and are so buttery yellow and delicious looking. And boys, if you are reading – nothing makes a grander gesture than flowers. Not to say ‘I’m sorry’ but just surprise your lady with a lovely bunch and they will go giddy I’m sure.


Now I know I am new to this wonderful world of blogging, but it makes me so undeniably happy. I love cosying down on my bed of pillows after a long day at the office, lighting my candles, putting on some cheesy tunes and just writing notes. It’s therapeutic, writing stuff down, getting your thoughts and feelings out there for the world to see. There is also some ruddy great people in the ‘bloggesphere’ – so friendly and inspiring. You can be as creative as you want, and hitting that publish button is so DARN satisfying.


Need I say more?


This one is slightly debatable, because it is a winner on the happiness scale in so many ways. It boosts that self-esteem, and you feel excited to have a few little nifty outfits for your floordrobe. BUT. My bank balance often doesn’t thank me for this one. But you know what I say to that bank balance? YOLO MOTHER FUCKER.

7) DIY

This makes me happyyyyyyy. I actually love DIY. Creating your own projects and putting things together and using TOOLS. Now, I’m not claiming to be Bob the Builder or anything, the hardest DIY project I did using tools is putting up my trusty Billy Bookcase from IKEA. But it was fun, and with a glass of wine on the go makes it even more fun. I am going to slot the old knitting, painting, photography under this one too, because it’s also ‘do it yourself’ and it’s just as great and satisfying.


Who doesn’t love a good old exploring session. Whether it be on holiday, or just discovering new treasures around where you live, it’s fun, and a great excuse to be outside and catch some Vitamin D.


I am one who loves a people watching session. Not in a creepy, stalkery way, but in an ‘I love to just watch other people’. No, that still sounds creepy. But you know what I mean. Having a nice skinny latte in a cosy little café by the window (cliché) and people watching is so interesting!


Being able to capture a moment to remember it forever is actually pretty amazing, right? And not just in memory form, in actual, concrete hard evidence that you can stick on your wall and decorate your room with. Looking at photos and thinking back to these moments in time puts a massive smile on my face, anytime, anywhere.