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For those of you don’t know, I am a knitting fan. I don’t care that I am 24 years old and that I sit in my onesie with a mug of tea knitting like a 60 year old. I don’t care because it makes me HAPPY. You know those evenings when you just want to come home from work and hide away from that hectic thing we call life and all you want to do is hibernate? Well those are perfect knitting times for me. It’s fun and productive and a cheap way to keep you busy. Obviously a glass or three of red as an accompaniment is even better.

A couple of years ago I was introduced to Jen and Jenny through one of my cousins as together they had created a wonderful business named Stitch & Story. These guys are the knitting gurus of the woolly world and what they have created is beautiful and inspiring. The concept behind Stitch & Story is to provide customers with DIY kits, complete with yarn, needles, instruction booklets and everything else you might need to create your own knitted masterpiece.

These two lovely ladies have started to put on knitting workshops for beginners so they can teach us amateurs how to knit like pros. So. Last Saturday, myself and a few of my girlie pals trotted along to one of their workshops in the hope we would become masters of the art.

Jen & Jenny - creators of Stitch & Story

Jen & Jenny - creators of Stitch & Story

The workshop was held at Harris + Hoole at 113 Cannon Street in the City of London. This is a super cute café offers a classic coffee menu, alongside a few specials, and an array of cakes and other delicious treats. I went for the Chai Latte, and it was BEAUT.

So we all met up and the Jennies had their collection all set out, and after introductions to other knitting enthusiasts we started the workshop. It was relaxed, fun and a great opportunity to meet people with similar interests as you. The Jennies made their rounds and went the extra mile to ensure everyone understood what they were doing and were offering hints and tips throughout the session. 2 hours later and we all felt like winners and departed with swatches of our hard work.

There was the opportunity to purchase yarn and needles too if you don’t have your own, so don’t fret, pretty people, they provide the full package. All you need to do is turn up on time with your creative hat on.

If it knitting is something you are or could potentially be interested in, I couldn’t recommend these guys enough. Their next session is on the 2nd May, so get booking!


Stitch & Story: http://www.stitchandstory.com/

Harris + Hoole: http://www.harrisandhoole.co.uk/

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