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Flatiron Super Steak

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Okay so I thought I HAD to write a review on this place. I have been twice now, and both times my taste buds were dancing around like little ravers at a meat festival. OH MY GOD it’s amazing. So, granted, it is a small place and is VERY popular. Both times I have been, I’ve been put on a waiting list for at least an hour, but I promise you. IT IS WORTH IT.

The waiting isn’t too bad actually, if you arrive early enough (6ish) you can probably get a seat in the bar downstairs, which serves wine, beers, cocktails, the usual alcoholic bevvies we all need in our lives – and they do offer a happy hour period between 5:30 and 6:30. Winning. They also have a ‘text service’ so you give them your name and number and they will contact you when your table is ready so you can also choose to go somewhere else for drinks. (I would recommend Kingly court just around the corner from the restaurant, where there is a handful of bars and restaurants, and the atmosphere is just magical).

The tables in the restaurant upstairs are long benches that groups share, so if you are needing to talk about some private secrets, maybe avoid this place for now. But it’s all good. And then. THE MENU. It is wonderfully simple, with there being a choice of 2 meats. Firstly the regular ‘Flat Iron Steak’ (£10) which is recommended to have medium rare, and the other is some kind of special sexy meat priced at £15. I’ve always opted for the Flat Iron Steak and I fail to believe anything can be tastier.

As you can see from the menu, you can have a selection of sides. I personally recommend the dripping cooked chips and the creamed spinach because THEY ARE AMAZING. I’m sure the others are equally as delish. And of course the sauces, self-explanatory. YUM.

The atmosphere in this place is quite quirky and cool, a lot of exposed brick and it is mainly lit by candlelight. But it is also very relaxed, you get groups of hard city workers kicking back, loosening their ties and having a ball.

Please give this place a go, you will not be disappointed. And if you are, I’ll eat my hat.