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A Cheeky Spring Wishlist

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Hi Kids!

So I thought for today’s post I would share my little wishlist with you guys. I did think this would be a pleasant post to write, but in actual fact it has been TORTURE because it is the week before payday and I am inevitably drowning in a sea of overdraft, so seeing all these glorious things that could be mine but aren’t, isn’t fun. So I hope you do very much enjoy reading this so it is all worth it and stuff! Here goes, this week’s sexy wishlist…

March Wishlist

1) ASOS – Glamorous Petite Folk Maxi Dress With Embroidered Trims – £55.00


This summer is supposed to the summer of cute embroided dressed, so this gorgeous maxi dress with embroidery is freaking LUSH and fits in with the theme like a dream. How pretty would this be on a warm sunny day, some big statement shades and a glass of your favourite tipple in your hand? PERFECTION.

2) Anthropologie – Valencia Espadrille – £128.00


I have found my one true love, and they are these espadrilles in Anthropologie – oh my god they are so gorgeous. I don’t think the pic really does them justice though which is a shame. I went to the shop a few weeks ago and was casually browsing, and then I had one of those moments when my eyes fell on these bad boys and the whole world just faded into the background and a love song started playing as I walked towards them and allsorts. Woah. Long sentence, soz. But I love them and I hope others appreciate how cute they are.

3) Zoeva – Zoeva – Rose Gold Complete Eye Set Vol. 2 – 65€


I have seen these brushes mentioned on quite a few beauty blogs now, and the reviews have always been really positive – it’s deffo on my list of things to buy when I win the lottery or somehow encounter some kind of disposable funds. The rose gold colour is so pretty too!

4) Skinny Dip – iPhone 5C Cactus Case – £15


So my big sister introduced me to Skinny Dip when I spotted her super sweet iPhone case, so naturally, me being the excessive impulse buyer than I am, decided I NEEDED to purchase something from there. I got a jewelled one, which I love and is so pretty, but I did have the issue with some of the jewels falling off etc, but the customer service team were swell and sorted me out a refund. BUT. Keeping that in mind, I go on this site at least once a day to check what new goodies they have to offer. I am loving this cute cactus case, it’s so fun and would be guaranteed to get you some compliments! Students get 20% off too, winning!

5) Source – Carnival Lights – from £50


I went to Spitalfields Market the other weekend with my Ma and Sister and we found this little shop called Source, and in it had THE MOST AMAZING COLLECTION of cool stuff I have ever seen. Including this sexy and cool carnival light. I actually NEED one of these in my life. Visit their website to see what other delights they have to offer!

6) ASOS – Reclaimed Vintage Vintage Dress With Embroidery – £42


I am in love with this little boho number from ASOS’s Reclaimed Vintage. I have bought a few RV garms before and they are really good quality, so I would deffo recommend. The embroidery is beautiful and perfect for when that spring sun starts to shine and it’s acceptable to wear pretty dresses without looking like a bit of a dick.

7) Topshop – Tribal Semi Precious Ring Pack – £14.50


I am deffo an accessories gal. I love how they can just make a plain outfit look so much more WOW. I do usually wear more subtle silver jewellery rather than statement pieces, but this 3 pack of rings I thought would fit into a boho themed outfit perfectly. At £14.50 you can’t go wrong! Just maybe pop a splash of clear nail varnish on the inside to eliminate any green fingers. Just sayin’.

8) Urban Decay – Naked2 palette – £38


Ahhh the Naked palettes – so popular and so absolutely vital in any makeup collection. There is a choice of 3 palettes that you can choose from depending on your colour preferences. The one in this picture is the Naked palette 2 but the others are just as glorious. And actually for the price you get a lot for your money – this would last you a long time!

9) Ohh Deer – Piss Off Cat Cushion – £34.95


Ohh Deer is a fabulous place on this wonderful thing we call the internet. I LOVED this cushion because my housemate has a black cat called Brian, and Brian actually hates me, unless he is hungry. So I often get the ‘PISS OFF’ eyes from him. I think he actually rolls his eyes at me too. Rude. But I love him and all is well with the world. So check it out! They have loads of cool householdy bits and come in lots of different styles and patterns.