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You may have noticed from recent posts my love for jewellery. Layering necklaces and a mixture of rings on my fingers are my thang. I prefer getting my jewellery from smaller independent companies like from Etsy or small shops/markets over your everyday Accessorize or Topshop. The reasons why? Well firstly, I like to be a little different and branch out from the same thing that everyone else is wearing. Plus, I love the fact that you are supporting smaller businesses AND there are some srsly decent finds out there guys.

A friend of mine, the lovely Louisa, has set up a jewellery making business and let me tell you guys, her products are lush.

I’m going to tell you a little story.

Let me first paint the picture. Louisa grew up in Suffolk (fellow Suffolk bae, ohh yehhh) and found a passion for going to the seaside and collecting beautiful stones and shells. Southwold is her favourite beach, and I can tell you first hand, it is pretty darn stunning. Growing up she always wanted to make her collection of weird and wonderful shells and stones into jewellery so that she can keep those happy seaside memories close to her heart every single day. 

A few years into her career she was starting to feel unhappy, we all know that feeling right? She won the world cup sweepstake at work (you go gurl) and thought she would spend the money on something she wouldn’t normally splash out on that would make her super happs. She brought a furnace so she could start actually making her jewellery pieces! Cue: Louisa Marie Jewellery. Louisa now works full time in recruitment which pays the bills and this jewellery business is her passion in her spare time.

Louisa Marie Jewellery

To make her jewellery she uses a process called delft clay casting which involves making a mould of the shell/stone and filling it with liquid silver and letting it solidify, therefore giving you an exact replica.

Louisa Marie Jewellery
Louisa Marie Jewellery
Louisa Marie Jewellery
Louisa Marie Jewellery

What I love about this jewellery range is that each individual piece is completely unique, you won’t find any other person with the exact same piece as you. The original shell comes WITH the jewellery, so literally, no one else will have the same!

The fossils (the pretty swirly ones) are cast from ammonites which are over 65 million years old. They are a symbol of continual change and evolution and symbolises many different things for many different religions. Unfortunately these cannot be sold with the jewellery as they are like, pretty old really and hard to find - it’s not every day you come across a 65 million year old fossil…

Louisa Marie Jewellery

So guys if you want to get your little hands on a beautiful unique piece then here’s how:

Message Louisa Marie Jewellery with a link of the shell you like best or she will try her best to make up exactly what you want if it’s something slightly different. Commissioned pieces are also available, so if you have your own small precious shell or object that you want to be made into silver then she will be able to do it! SUPERWOMAN.

Prices start from £35 plus postage and upwards so really reasonable for a solid silver, personal to you, timeless piece. It takes Louisa 1 week to make the jewellery and then delivery is around 4 working days.

Please go and check it out guys, even if it’s just to ogle at how delicious the pieces are.

I myself went for a slice of the fossil and I LOVE IT.

Peace and love.