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10 Things I Love About Christmas

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As you read this, I will be on a train chugging my way up north to the beautiful city of Edinburgh to indulge in way too many pigs in blankets with my crazy family. WOOOO. 

Christmas is BY FAR my favourite time of the year. It’s the time when we can stop complaining about how dull our lives may be and fill our time with festive plans which inevitably will involve A LOT of mulled wine and friends.

Christmas Holly

Here is a few of the things I love most about Christmas time!

1)      Happy People

Srsly, the frowns and scowls of passers-by are suddenly replaced by sweet smiles and good morning greetings. Well, maybe not so much on the tube, we will always hate each other down there, but up above in the fresh cool air, we actually kinda don’t mind each other too much.

2)      Christmas Decorations

I’m sorry to admit this, but I am one of these people that like it when the decs come out ridiculously early. I love having Christmas to look forward to and if that period starts in late September then so bloody be it! One of my favourite things to do is wander down Regent Street late at night (probs after one too many glasses of wine with a belly full of Flatiron Steak) and just take in all the lovely Christmas lights and festive window displays. Such a grand feeling.

10 Things I Love About Christmas

3)      Excuse to Actually Netflix and Chill

And yes, when I mean Netflix and Chill, I mean, NETFLIX and chill. Nothing is more Christmassy like getting your comfies on, snuggling down on the sofa with some snacks and a mug of hot chocolate (with cream and marshmallows, preferably) and whacking on a bit of Elf. Invite your pals or loved one for extra lols. Oh and light a Yankee Candle in Cinnamon Stick for the ultimate Christmas fragrance. 

4)      Food

Christmas is the time to screw the diets and to just enjoy life. I get so fed up of people banging on about their latest fad diet when you know all they want to do is stuff a mince pie in their mouth. Life is for living, plus at Christmas we need the extra fatty layer to keep us warm, amiright?

10 Things I Love About Christmas

5)      Vlogmas

For any vlog lover, December brings so much joy in so many ways. Obviously there is the whole Christmas shebang, but December is also home to VLOGMAS. Youtube is my not-so-dirty little secret. I am obsessed with watching people live their lives, seeing what they get up to, what they buy and what they eat. It’s addictive. So watching other people’s lead up to the big day is a huge guilty pleasure.

6)      Dressing in Layers

Winter is an excuse to layer yourself up in as much comfort as possible. Huge knitted jumpers, Roll necks and woolen tights are all staples in my Christmas wardrobe. I’m a fashion gal, but I choose comfort and warmth over frost bitten limbs, ta. Obviously a Christmas jumper is essential.

10 Things I Love About Christmas
Christmas Jumper

7) An Excuse to Party

There is always that one party of the festive season that sees you necking too much of the good stuff that you wake up in last night’s clothes with your glittery eye shadow smeared down your cheeks. It is an excuse to get wild with your pals without the guilt, because everyone needs to let loose at Christmas right?

8)      Seeing Family and Friends

My family is a little here, there and everywhere. I have a pre-celebration with my dad and sister down in Suffolk and then spend the actual Christmas period with my mum and step-dad up in Edinburgh, closely followed by spending a few days with my beaus family. It is so important to spend this time with the ones you love and that love you the most.  

10 Things I Love About Christmas

9)      Buying Christmas Presents

I am one of those people that way prefers giving gifts than receiving them. Sure, it’s nice to get the odd lil summin’ summin’ – but the whole Christmas shopping experience is so much fun. Obvs, it starts with a list, and then you have the excuse to trawl through websites, endlessly searching for that one, perfect gift.

10)   Winter Markets

Now here is where living in London is pretty darn good. We have some pretty glorious Christmas markets y’all. Winter Wonderland and Southbank being my top babes. Nothing says Christmas like a good old German market, with a cup of mulled in in one hand and a Bratwurst hotdog in the other.

Winter Market

Christmas is pretty fekkin’ magical, dontchathink?