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A Little Christmas Wishlist

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Gahhhpeiojfajf - I’m too excited.

How many of you are decking the halls and belting out Band Aid already? I must admit I have been getting into the Christmas spirit since Halloween and no, I am not ashamed because legit – Christmas is the BEST time of year. Everyone has smiles plastered on their wind stricken faces and the thought of spending all day listening to Michael Bublé all day at work makes life so much sparklier.

Gift buying is one of my favourite things about Christmas, I just love crawling through websites for the perfect present, the one that will make the receiver’s face light up like little Rudolph’s nose.

I am a total basic bitch. I love basic things that have an edge of sass about them. I follow trends and like the simple things in life, so my little wishlist below sums up my basic needs and will *hopefully* give you lovely people a little inspo into what you can pop on your own wishlist. Trust me, it’ll make gift buying a hella lot easier for your loved ones.

I’ll be doing a list of ideas to get the men in your life, because let’s face it. Boys are darn hard to buy for. Give us girls a pair of Christmas socks and a Yankee candle and we will be set!

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1) Zoeva Bamboo Makeup Brush Set: 65

I am still yet to bag myself a decent makeup brush set. I love this Zoeva one and the variety of brushes it offers

2) Hannah Gale Sweatshirt: £25

Hannah Gale is my favourite blogger. You guys know this, she probably knows this. She is great and real and just fab. She has just launched a new line of sweatshirts featuring cute slogans and just look all round great. Go check them out and be sure to put one on your Christmas list.

3) Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask by Lush: £6.75

One of my new years resolutions will be to sort start properly looking after myself. Starting with my skin and general facial cleansing routine. I am a massive fan of LUSH, as is the whole of the bloggersphere as you may have guessed. I DID say I am a basic bitch.

4) Topshop Christmas Socks: £3.50

Christmas socks are a winning gift. Enough said.

5) MAC Lipstick in Smoked Purple - £15.50

I love, love, LOVE this deep purple shade - teamed with the camel Zara coat (see #6) and some sassy black number underneath I think would be the ideal Christmas look. 

6) Zara Hand Made Coat: £79.99

I am legit in love with this coat. It is the perfect shade of camel. Not too light, not too dark. It's not even that expensive compared to other price points on the highstreet, and plus, a camel coat is a classic wardrobe staple, amiright?

7) Paperchase Kraft Wiro Diary: £10

I am the type of person to have about 23564 diary's on the go at once. But one more can't hurt right? This little Paperchase beaut is perfect to jot all your new years plans in. 

8) Yankee Candle in Cinnamon Stick - £19.99

Yankee candles 4 lyf. Cinnamon stick is by far my favourite Christmas scent. Closely followed by Gingerbread Maple #justsayin'. The large jar lasts practically forever and the smell is really lovely and intense. If you love cinnamon and cloves and basically perfection, you'll love this too. 

9) Secret Garden Colouring book: £4.99

I actually have this little bad boy already. My pals got it for me for my birthday back in June and I LOVE it. This teamed with some decent colouring pencils will keep you occupied for hours. They actually really work well at de-stressing.

10) Roberts Revival DAB Radio: £165

I have wanted one of these for years and years and years. I just love these radios, though they are a little pricier than I would like. They are so cool and shabby chic and would look great on my Instagram feed.